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NOCTI Pre Engineering Exam study guide


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What are the major engineering fields?
method would generate a three view drawing?
The core concepts of technology are
skillfull research, ethical behavior, and critical thinking
characteristic of effective communication?
open discussion
Who do engineering interact with? (Other technical personnels on the job)
What important milestones have occurred during the progression of the engineering field?
Henry Fords assembly line
Wright brothers first flight
Thomas Edison's light bulb
Robert Goddars' liquid fuel rockets
What are the important principles of the problem solving process?
identification of a need, problem definition, researching, constraint, criteria, alternative solutions, analysis
What are the steps in the design process?
Identify the need, research and gathering info, develop solution (alternative solutions), choose a solution (analysis), construct a prototype, test and evaluate
How to analyze solution/ identifying strengths and weaknesses?
Availability of materials
How to develop details of a solution?
Scale model
Inventor (dynamic simulation)
Orthographic Isometric drawing
Techno CNC + 3D printing
How to develop, test, and redesign prototypes?
Test for safety and durability
Test for efficiency
How to explain components of set up, machining, casting, molding, welding, and finishing?
Turning- lathe
Milling- makes square objects
Casting- turns liquid into mold
Welding- arc, spot, gas (oxyacetylene)
Undercutting- welding reduce cross sectional strength
Finishing- painting
How to identify and use common hand tools
Straight edge- ruler
VIC (vernier caliper)- measures inside/outside distanxes
How to identify and properly use fasteners?
Machine srews- hex nuts
Wood screws- course thread/pointy
Sheet metal- pointed heads, sharp fine threads
Thread Rotation= UNC 1/4(diameter)-20(thread per inch)-2(thread length)-2A(type of thread)
How to estimate and measure the size of objects using SI and US units?
1 inch = 2.54 cm
100 ft = 28.3 L
1 gal water = 7-8 lbs
How to explain the role and quality control in manufacturing?
-Controls the quality
-bSigma- stands for manufacturing for standardization
-International organizations
-Manufacturing tolerance
How to measure with percussion to olds and instruments?
7.00 sleeve(0.5)
0.25 thimble
What role does quality control plays in assembly and fabrication?
-Improves quality and reputation
-Reducing execution time
-Lower costs
What are the roles of supplying and outsourcing?
-Reordering levels are set
-No over stocking
(to attain materials in time w/o overstocking)
What does the order and methodology of the assembly process consist of?
What are the attributes of common materials?
Ferrous- high weight/ lower conductivity/ easily corrodible/ magnetic
Non Ferrous- malleable/ high conductivity
How to make an oral presentation?
Don't read from slides
Speak to the audience
How to interpret aspects and/or types of engineering drawings and plans?
Orthographic drawings
Dimensions/ line drawings
How to express data in tables, graphs, and charts?
Bar graph- qualitative
Histogram- Quantitative
How to contribute to a team project?
Common goal, vision
Find a good team
How to follow appropriate personal safety procedures?
Need to know and learn safety rules
What role of OSHA is in the technical workplace?
Occupational safety + help admin
Ensure safety standards are followed through
How to use appropriate safety equipment?
Eye and ear protection
Safety shoes
Hazardous material storage
How electrical safety decries function?
Circuit breaker-
to switch circuit off, surge protector, when it gets excess/ it converse excess to ground
How to solve problems using vectoring to persist forces?
X Y components
Hypotenuse components
How to calculate and describe the effect of resistance?
How to apply Ohms law, Watts law, and Kirchoffs law?
Ohms law- V=IR^2
Watt- power= voltage x current
Kirchoffs- sum of voltage in = sum of voltage out
How does AC and DC systems work and differ?
DC current- flows in the same direction
AC current- constantly flows
How to identify what causes resistance in a fluid system?
Smoother pige inside
As few curves as possible motor cylinder piston
How hydraulic and pneumatic systems work?
Pump, Valce, Motor/Cylinder
Hydraulic motor- generates power
Pneumatic- pressurized fluId
Three ways heat is transferred
Convection- hot to cold (no direct contact)
Radiation- to contact (vacuum)
How to convert between Celsius and Ferenheit?
(X9/5)+32 <from C to F>
(-32X5)/9 <from F to C>
How heat conductors and insulators work?
Head conductors relies on density (more particles) heat can jump
How to solve thermal problems using appropriate units?
BTU- British thermal unit
1 pound of water needed to get 1 degrees F
What are the six simple machines?
Wheel and Axel
How to solve problems using appropriate units in engineering systems?
Increase velocity of liquid
Increase force or increase area absolute p + gauge = atmospheric pressure
How to identify the uses and types if inductors and capacitors?
Capacitor- stores electrical energy
Inductors- stores energy (w/ magnetic field)
How to use insulation to minimize heat flow?
1. sealed windows (vacuum)
2. Fiberglass
How to identify electrical components and their functions?
Diode limits- keeps current in 1 direction
Translator- amplifies or switches on electrical signal
the technique of placing a plane in between the observer and the object
orthographic projection
Calculate the flow out of a pipe per hour if there are 180 gallons per minute.
10,800 gallons/hour
What is the Fahrenheit equivalent to 35 degrees Celsius?
95 degrees F
When putting out a fire involving oily rags, use a ___________ fire extinguisher.
Class B
Ergonomics is best described as
Fitting the job to the person
Center Line
What is the best method to test a video game controller design?
earliest example of engineering?
Archimedes screw
What major functions do engineers perform?
1. Research- making new discoveries and finding uses
2. Development- production of a function able device/ process
3. Design- optimizing/ making easier to produce/ improving performance
4. Production/Testing- mass production + quantity control
5. Construction- Production on a site
6. Operations- managing facilities and networks
7. Sales- consumer creator link, creating a market
8. Management- using background for managing
9. Consulting- solving problems
What important ethics are related to engineering situations?
Engineers use knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare. They need to be honest and impartial, increasing reputation of the engineering profession.
The main parts of the engineering design process include defining, selecting, implementing, and
What is the formula for Ohm's Law?
an example of an inexhaustible energy source?
A 90lb container has a coefficient of friction=0.61. How much force is needed to move it?
54.9 pounds coefficient of friction= weight x force
Researching materials and parts move to see how you can increase productivity is the study of:
production flow
What is the cubic area of an object that is 5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and 3.5 feet tall?
43.75 ft cubic
Which field combines physcial and life science, math and convert raw material to valuable forms
To press a material into a desired shape is know as:
The proper second step to refine a potential product is
Which step of problem solving helps to determine if a certain product is of value?
What type of eduction is required to be an engineer?
1. Bachelors degree at a credited school (ABET or CAEB)
2. Exams- Fundamentals of Engineering test- Engineering in Training (EIT)
3. Practice for 4 years- principles and practice exam- licensed engineer
In order to reduce friction between a work piece and a cutting site ______ is used.
cutting fluid
In the engineering design process, stating the problem is the___ step.
The ability of a material to be stretched inot a long, thinner shape is called ____
When working with tools and machines, ____ is/are always required
personal protective equipment
What is used for mass production of plastic parts. It heats plastic injected and extracts parts
injection molding
When using a drill press to drill a hole near one end of a ruler,
securely clamp the workpiece in a vise
What is the scaled used in SPC and Control Charts
6 Sigma
Which of the following materials is most appropriate for a corrosion resistant valve?
Person A weighs100lbs and Person B weighs 150 on a 15' seesaw. How far should B be from fulcrum
A critical component from the drill press is the _____
drive belt
Critical thinking skills would be best applied to which of the following________
forming an opinion on artificial intelligence