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  1. hardness
  2. cementation
  3. rock
  4. mineral
  5. absolute dating
  1. a the process in which minerals slowly precipitate out of water and fill in the spaces between clasts
  2. b naturally occuring element or compound that is inorganic, solid, and has crystalline structure
  3. c the physical property of a mineral that measures the resistance of a mineral to scratching
  4. d naturally formed, consolidated mixture containing minerals, rock fragments, or volcanic glass
  5. e the process of assigning a precise numerical age to an organism, object, or event

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  1. the remains or traces of organ isms found in geologic record
  2. melted or moten rock inside the earth
  3. a rule stating that the oldest rocks in an undisturbed sequence of rock layers will be at the bottom of the sequence.
  4. the process of placing objects or events in their proper sequence in time
  5. the color of a mineral in powdered form

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  1. texturean uneven break in a mineral


  2. uniformitarianisman idea which states that the laws of nature operate today as they have in the past


  3. extrusive igneous rockrock that cools from magma


  4. intrusive igneous rockrock that cools from magma


  5. fracturean uneven break in a mineral