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  1. fossil
  2. relative dating
  3. rock cycle
  4. extrusive igneous rock
  5. principle of superposition
  1. a the remains or traces of organ isms found in geologic record
  2. b chemical and physical process that continuously form and change rocks
  3. c a rule stating that the oldest rocks in an undisturbed sequence of rock layers will be at the bottom of the sequence.
  4. d the process of placing objects or events in their proper sequence in time
  5. e rock that cools from lava

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  1. small bits and pieces of other rocks in a rock
  2. an uneven break in a mineral
  3. naturally occuring element or compound that is inorganic, solid, and has crystalline structure
  4. physical property of a mineral that allows it to break along flat planes
  5. melted or moten rock inside the earth

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  1. intrusive igneous rockrock that cools from magma


  2. texturean uneven break in a mineral


  3. streaknaturally formed, consolidated mixture containing minerals, rock fragments, or volcanic glass


  4. foliatedtextures of metamorphic rock that have layers or bands


  5. unconformityempty spaces between particles