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6th Social Studies CRCT*Australia*

Part 3 - Australia
Why did the British want to colonize Australia?
To make a penal colony (a prison colony) because there was overcrowding in the British jails; they could no longer send prisoners to America after the American Revolution
How was the indigenous population in Australia (the Aborigines) affected by colonization?
90% of Aborigines died from European (Old World) diseases and weapons; Aborigines had never seen guns before the Europeans arrived
How did European colonization affect the language and religion of Australia?
English people colonized Australia; they brought their language and religion with them. They speak English and practice Christianity.
What role does the citizen have as a participant in Australia's government?
Australia has a parliamentary democracy; citizens can vote in elections
How do the factors of location, climate, natural resources, and water affect where Australians live?
People live where the resources are -- food, water, jobs. Most Australians live in the city where these resources are located. Most DO NOT live in the Outback (desert area).
How do the factors of location, climate, natural resources, and water affect trade?
It is easier to trade when you have access to water, roads, and railroads. More trading is done in the cities and not in the Outback (desert area).
What type of economy does Australia have?
Mixed market like USA. All countries we have studied (except for Cuba!) have a mixed market economy.
How does specialization enhance Australia's ability to trade with other countries?
Specialization means that a country trades and makes what it is good at. Australia has lots of mineral resources, so they specialize in trading those. Countries all around the world buy these items from Australia. (Diamonds, gold, silver, other precious metals.)
How does the unequal distribution of resources affect Australia?
They have to IMPORT items that they do not make from other countries. This can cost lots of money.
How did the Aborigines get to Australia?
They traveled by land bridges and boats about 45,000 - 60,000 years ago!
What impact did the migration of Aborigines have on society and culture of Australia?
The Aborigines barely survived the European invasion, but their culture lives on through storytelling, music and art.