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CPE Use of English 2 - Open Cloze

Create question types for the open cloze (no choice) section. This is likely to test grammatical words.
Getting an A in this exam is _____ from easy.
Global English exists ... a political and cultural reality.
It's a mystery why the English language should have succeeded internationally, whilst ..... have not.
Latin was once a major international language, ...... having a complicated grammatical structure
English also presents learners with all manner of real difficulties, ...... least its spelling system.
after, regardless
Ease of learning, therefore, has little to do with it. .... all, children learn to speak their mother tongue in approximately the same period of time .... of their language.
so, itself
English has spread not ..... much for linguistic reasons, but rather because it has often found ...... in the right place at the right time.
It is estimated that something ... the region of 80% of worldwide electronic communication is now in English.
She was a free spirit and resisted being tied _____ to family or responsibility.
turn / contrast
She was melancholy, but he, in ____, rarely looked sad.
Frank is so wrapped _____ in himself, he rarely notices who else is around.
Japanese workers are tied ___ a strict work and leisure routine.