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  1. Saint Lawrence Lowlands
  2. Missionaries
  3. Indigenous
  4. Quebec
  5. Hudson Bay Company
  1. a established by Britain to profit from fur trade in North America
  2. b farming/manufacturing area; largest percentage of people live here
  3. c native
  4. d Canadian province French culture
  5. e came from France and worked to spread Christianity in Canada

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  1. first to reach the Americas
  2. connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Called "Vinland" by the Vikings
  4. self-governing area
  5. People in Quebec who wanted Quebec to be its own country

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  1. Scandinaviarich fishing grounds off the coast of Newfoundland


  2. MontrealRoyal Canadian Mounted Police, red jackets, National Police Force


  3. ParliamentCanada's law making body; two houses: Senate & House of Commons


  4. VoyageursFrenchmen who transported traders' goods


  5. Ottawacity that served as a missionary center for many years