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  1. tariff
  2. Scandinavia
  3. Parliament
  4. Saint Lawrence Lowlands
  5. Saint Lawrence Seaway
  1. a connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
  2. b tax on imported goods
  3. c part of Europe that was home to the Vikings
  4. d Canada's law making body; two houses: Senate & House of Commons
  5. e farming/manufacturing area; largest percentage of people live here

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  1. came from France and worked to spread Christianity in Canada
  2. can speak two languages
  3. self-governing area
  4. number of provinces in Canada
  5. Called "Vinland" by the Vikings

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  1. Northwest PassageNational capital of Canada, parliament meets here


  2. French fur tradersrich fishing grounds off the coast of Newfoundland


  3. NunavutCanadian province French culture


  4. Indigenousnative


  5. QuebecCanadian province French culture