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  1. Saint Lawrence Lowlands
  2. Quebec
  3. Scandinavia
  4. 10
  5. Montreal
  1. a part of Europe that was home to the Vikings
  2. b Canadian province French culture
  3. c farming/manufacturing area; largest percentage of people live here
  4. d number of provinces in Canada
  5. e city that served as a missionary center for many years

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  1. Frenchmen who transported traders' goods
  2. self-governing area
  3. first to reach the Americas
  4. desired shortcut for trade with Asia
  5. beaver fur brought many traders, traded with native people, established trading posts & villages

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  1. NunavutNational capital of Canada, parliament meets here


  2. NewfoundlandRoyal Canadian Mounted Police, red jackets, National Police Force


  3. Grand Banksrich fishing grounds off the coast of Newfoundland


  4. Hudson Bay Companyself-governing area


  5. Saint Lawrence Seawayfarming/manufacturing area; largest percentage of people live here