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  1. 10
  2. Scandinavia
  3. Dominion
  4. Hudson Bay Company
  5. Indigenous
  1. a established by Britain to profit from fur trade in North America
  2. b part of Europe that was home to the Vikings
  3. c native
  4. d self-governing area
  5. e number of provinces in Canada

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  1. tax on imported goods
  2. connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. home of the Inuit, newest territory of Canada
  4. Canada's law making body; two houses: Senate & House of Commons
  5. beaver fur brought many traders, traded with native people, established trading posts & villages

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  1. Montrealcity that served as a missionary center for many years


  2. Vikingsfirst to reach the Americas


  3. MountiesRoyal Canadian Mounted Police, red jackets, National Police Force


  4. SeparatistsPeople in Quebec who wanted Quebec to be its own country


  5. Quebecnumber of provinces in Canada