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Math Exam Review 9th Grade Semester 1


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Find the height of a triangle that has an area of 30 square units and a base measuring 12 units.
5 units
How many solutions exist for the given equation?

3(x + 10) + 6 = 3(x + 12)
infinitely many
Timmy writes the equation f(x) =1/4 x - 1. He then doubles both of the terms on the right side to create the equation g(x) =1/2 x - 2. How does the graph of g(x) compare to the graph of f(x)?
The line of g(x) is steeper and has a lower y-intercept.
2x + 3y = 2
y =1/2 x + 3
(-2, 2)
When the equation is solved for a, such that b is the numerator of the resulting fraction, what is the denominator of the fraction?
Line QR goes through points Q(0, 1) and R(2, 7). Which equation represents line QR?
y - 1 = 3x
What is the range of f(x)?
−2, −1, 0, 1
y >-1/3 x + 2

y < 2x + 3
(2, 2), (3, 1), (4, 2)
Which statements are true about the graph of the system of linear inequalities? Check all that apply.

y > 3x - 4

y <1/2 x + 1
-The area above y > 3x - 4 is shaded.

-The graphs of the inequalities will intersect.
Which statements about the system are true? Check all that apply.

y = 1/3x - 4

3y - x = -7
-The system consists of parallel lines.

-Both lines have the same slope.
Bob has some 10 lb weights and some 3 lb weights. Together, all his weights add up to 50 lbs. If x represents the number of 3 lb weights and y represents the number of 10 lb weights, which equation can be used to find the number of each type of weight Bob has?
3x = 50 - 10y
How does the slope of g(x) compare to the slope of f(x)?
The slope of g(x) is less than the slope of f(x).
Which interval contains a local minimum for the graphed function?
[2.5, 4]
Which linear function represents the line given by the point-slope equation y - 8 =1/2 (x - 4)?
f(x) =1/2 x + 6
The table can be used to determine the solution to the system of equations, 2y − x = 8, and y − 2x = −5.
(6, 7)
The inequality x < 9 or x ≥ 14 can be used to represent the hourly wage, x, of each employee at a store. Which are possible values for x? Check all that apply.



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What value of x is in the solution set of -2(3x + 2) > -8x + 6?
The amount of potential energy, P, an object has is equal to the product of its mass, m, its height off the ground, h, and the gravitational constant, g. This can be modeled by the equation P = mgh.
What is f(0)?
-6 only
Which equation can be used to find q, the number of quarters Alex has?
0.05(84 - q) + 0.25q = 17.80
y = -2/5x + 1
y = 3x - 2
(0.88, 0.65)
Which equation can be used to represent "six added to twice the sum of a number and four is equal to one-half of the difference of three and the number"?
6 + 2(x + 4) = (3 - x)
What is the value of x in the equation 3x - y = 18, when y = 27?
Which graph could represent a car that begins by increasing its speed, then travels at a constant speed, and then decreases its speed, as time increases?
-Diagonal up right

-Straight across

-Diagonal Down right
Using this formula, how many sides does a polygon have if the sum of the interior angles is 1,260°?