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When was Moses given the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai?

1500-1001 B.C.E.

When was the Bhagavad Gita written?

200 B.C.E.

When was the probably date of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ?

30 C.E.

When did Muhammad die?

632 C.E.

When was Muhammad born?

570 C.E.

Who did Muhammad marry?


How many children did Muhammad have?


Who was the most famous child of Muhammad?


Who did Muhammad had revelations from?


What did Gabriel tell Muhammad?

"Recite in the name of thy Lord who created."

Name the 5 Central Beliefs of Islam.

Profession of faith (belief), prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage

What is the translation of the term "Islam"?


What is the main holy book of Islam?

Qur'an, Koran

How many times do you go through the Hajj in your life?


What is the primary source of every Muslim's faith and practice?


What is the Islamic source second to the authority of the Qur'an?


What does the Hadith include?

Collection of sayings attributed to the prophet and members of the early Muslim community

What was a vital element during the first three centuries of Islamic history?


What does "Hadith" literally mean?

Conveyed to man

Hadith and Sunna/Sunnah are used ____.


Whose terminology translated "Hadith" into "Sayings of the prophet"?


An Islamic title, referring to one who profoundly knowns and narrates Hadiths.


The Qur'an and the Hadith form the basis of Islamic law - known as the ____.


What is the system of law that relates to everything?


What does the Qur'an forbid?

Worshiping of idols

What are mosques often decorated with?

Geometric patterns

What is a great sin in Islam called?


How many times do Muslims pray a day?


What are all Muslim men required to do on Fridays?

Attend the mosque for after-midday prayer

What was the main aspect of Muslim attire?


What must Muslims do before prayer?

Wash their bodies

What were the seating arrangements in a mosque like?

Sexes were separated

What is the role of the Muezzin?

Call to worship

What does a Muezzin do during prayer service?

Stands in mosques and proclaim Allah is most great

What was the role of the Imam?

To lead the community prayers

Who is the leader of the local Muslim community?


What is the role of khatib?

Preaches the Friday sermon

Where were the first mosques?

Muhammad's courtyard in Medina

All Muslim prayer is made facing ____.


All Muslims are considered equal when standing before ____.


What is marriage considered joining?

Two families

Marriage is a contract between ____ and ____, not a religious rite.

Man, woman

Polygamy is one way of trying to make sure women have what?

Protection of family life

Who advised all men to treat their wives equally?


What did Muhammad's death cause a crisis of?


Some of Muhammad's followers in ____ argued that the leadership should fall to a close family member.


Who was the successor of Muhammad?


What does Caliph mean?

Successor, deputy

Who succeeded Aku-bakr?


What leaders were in the "Rightly Guided" Caliphs?

Umar, Uthman, and Ali

Who was the real founder of the early Muslim empire?


Which caliph invaded Persia and the Byzantine territory?


How long did Umar rule Islam?

10 years

Why did Umar's expansion halt?

Civil war for mastery

Who was the husband of Fatima?


Who was the last orthodox caliph for a long period of time?


What caliphs expanded the Muslim Empire by 6,000 mile?

Uthman and Ali

What aspect of Muslim life had to be in order?


Muslims drew energy from their ____.


Who was the governor of Syria?


Who initiated the Umayyad dynasty?


What relation did Muawiyah have to Ali?

His chief rival

The change from electing the caliph to dynastic succession proved ____.


Who are the supporters of Ali called?


What did the Shi'ites form?

Significant minority within Islam that continues to the present

True or False: Shi'ites believed in having elected caliphs.


True of False: Kharijites rejected caliphs.


What group frequently fought against the rule of the majority of the caliphs?


Who were the supporters of Muawiyah and his successors?


Who was the skillful leader of the Umayyad dynasty?


Muawiyah moved the capital from ____ to ____.

Medina, Damascus

Who made the office of caliph more powerful?


What dynasty of caliphs claimed descent from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad?

Abbasid Dynasty

What dynasty of caliphs favored Arabs?


What caliph dynasty opened faith to ALL "comers" on an essentially equal basis?

Abbasid Dynasty

In 762, Abbasids built a new capital city at ____, on the ____ river.

Baghdad, Tigris

The Fatimid caliphate was formed by ____ ____.

Shi'a Muslims

Where was the Fatimid Dynasty's capital?


Describe the geographic setting in which Islam developed.

Arabian peninsula

The Muslim calendar is ____.


According to the Muslim calendar, we are now in what century?


How long is the Muslim calendar year?

354 days

Name the Five Pillars of Islam (in English).

Faith, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage

Name the Five Pillars of Islam (in Islam).

Shahada, Salaah, Zakaah, Siyaam, Hajj

Sunni or Shi'i: which is the majority group?


Sunni or Shi'i: which group accepts the Koran as the divine word of Allah?


Define Sunna.


Sunni or Shi'i: which group believes in the pilgrimage to Mecca?


What is the main difference between Sunnis and the Shi'as?

Their view on Islamic history

What is the translation of the word "Shi'a"?


What do the Shi'as follow?

Authority of Ali

Sunni or Shi'a: which group believed that Ali was divinely appointed immediate successor to Muhammad?


Due to historical fact, who was the fourth successor to Muhammad?


Sunni or Shi'a: which group was more open and accepting into their group?


Sunni or Shi'a: which group was more particular in allowing people enter their group?


What were the main trade routes of the Arabian peninsula?

Byzantine, Persia Empires, and Silk Roads

At age 6, what had Muhammad turned into?

An orphan

Where did Muhammad receive his first revelation?

Cave of Hira

Define Sura.


How many suras are in the Qur'an?


What language is the Qur'an written in?


Fill in: Adam, ____, Abraham, ____, Jesus, ____.

Noah, Moses, Muhammad

Translate Shahada.


What times of the day do Muslims pray their mandatory prayers?

Dawn, noon, late afternoon, sunset, before going to bed

What is the call to prayer by the Muezzin?


What is mandatory on Fridays?

To pray in the mosque

Translate Zakat.

Purification, growth

What percentage of income goes into the Zakat?


What his fasting during the holy month of Ramadan called?


What is the Sawm considered a method of?


Those who complete the Hajj can add the title ____ or ____ to their name.

Hajji, hajja

What are Islamic scholars called?


What is the main aspect of Muslims way of life?


What is the present-day country with the largest Muslim population?


The pillar of Shahada is also known as...

Profession of the Creed

The pillar of Shahada claims...

There is one creator, Allah

What cultural practice comes from the pillar of Salat?

The mandatory prayers five times a day

Which pillar of Islam is the giving to the poor and those in need?


What cultural practice comes from the pillar of Siyam?

Fasting from dawn to sunset during Ramadan

When was Khadija born?

555 C.E.

Who was the first woman to embrace Islam?


The Koran states, without ____ or ____ who stands equal before God?

Reservation, ambiguity, men and women

When did Muhammad receive his revelation from Gabriel?

510 A.D.

Whose murder provoked the first civil war?


What is the Holy Book of Judaism?


What is the main key belief of Jews?

That God made a covenant with Abraham

Define Halal.

Acts allowed in Islam

Define Haram.

Acts not allowed in Islam

Name the three sects of Christianity.

Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant

Name the two sect of Islam.

Sunni and Shi'i

Name the three sects of Judaism.

Orthodox, Conservative, Reform

Southwest Asia (Middle East) was a bridge between what three continents?

Africa, Asia, and Europe

Who were the Arab nomads that inhabited the arabian deserts?


Name three common trade goods brought to Arabia.

Spices, incense, perfumes

How many idols did the Ka'aba contain?


Translate the term Muslim.

"One who has been submitted"

Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina) became known as...


What is the Muslim religious community called?


Muhammad taught that Allah was the one and only God and that all other gods must be abandoned. What did this teaching develop into?


What are Muslims forbidden to eat and drink?

Pork and alcohol

What helped unite conquered people as the Muslim control expanded?

Arabic language

What is the Muslim's best model for proper living?


What was Muhammad's example?


The guidance of the Qur'an and Sunna was assembled in a body of law known as...


What system of law regulates the family life, moral conduct and business and community life of Muslims?


What is in the Fatihah?

Muslims ask God for guidance for the "straight path"

True of False: The group of Muslims, rejecting the lifestyle of the Umayyads, which pursued a life of poverty and spirituality, were called the Sunni.


Which capital city was founded during the Abbasid Dynasty (Empire?


Identify. Proclaims the call to worship.


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