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Mean Jeans Unit 07 Advertising


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advertising agency
A company that handles all types of advertising for its clients
classified advertising
Advertising in the want ad section of a newspaper or other medium
directory advertising
Advertising displayed within the Yellow Pages of a telephone book
display advertising
Advertising that uses both art and words to promote the sale of products or services
web page
An Internet site that greets visitors using a variety of text, animation, audio, and video
The creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationship
a paid form of communication delivered by a product maker or seller to consumers
the amount that customers pay for products and services
ways to make customers aware of products and encourage them to buy

using advertising and other forms of communication to distribute information about products, services, images, and ideas to achieve a desired outcome

the process of making customers aware of a product, service, or event
the locations and methods used to make products available to customers
what a business offers to satisfy customer needs
goods or services
target market
a specific group of consumers you want to reach