English I Final Exams Study Guide Part 2 Semester 2

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What 3 kinds of plays did Shakespeare write?
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What was the name of Shakespeare's original theatre troupe?Lord Chamberlain's MenWhat was the name of the short story that Romeo and Juliet was based upon?the Hill of RosesWho would play the female parts during Shakespeare's day?Young boysShakespeare's original theatre troupe was eventually called what?The King's MenName other plays Shakespeare wrote other than Romeo and Juliet.Hamlet, McBeth, Julia's Ceasar, Henry VIAsidecharacter's words are spoken but not heard by other charactersAllusionbrief, indirect reference to a person, place, thing, or ideaFoilshows qualities that are in control with other charactersTrap Doorleading to the Hell area where a winch elevator was locatedGalleryLocated above the stage to house musicians or spectators.Inner Stagerecessed playing area often curtained off except as neededStage Doordoors opening into the Tiring HouseStairsTheatergoers reached the galleries by staircases enclosed by stairwellsTiring HouseBackstage area providing space for storage and businessTiring House DoorThe rear entrance or "stage door" for actors or privileged spectatorsDressing RoomsRooms where actors were "attired" and awaited their cuesWardrobestorage area for costumes and propsFlagA white flag above the theater meant a show that dayHutstorage area that also held a winch system for lowering characters to the stageHeavensso identified by being painted with the zodiac signsMiddle GalleryThe seats here were higher pricedEntrancePoint leading to the staircase and upper galleriesCorridorpassageway serving the middle gallery