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If you lived in Taiwan, what would you call a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained wind speeds of 104 mph?
hich of the following hurricanes was the last Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in the United States?
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Katrina claimed 1836 lives in 2005. Would this put Katrina on the list of the top 10 deadliest hurricanes in Atlantic?
Why are there no tropical cyclones between 5°N and 5°S?
the Coriolis force is too small near the equator to have any effect of the circulation of the tropical cyclone
Where is the pressure gradient the greatest in a hurricane?
A hurricane in the Northern hemisphere is moving to the northwest from the southeast. On which side of the hurricane would you expect the fastest winds?
hich of the following statements would explain why a hurricane did not develop from a cluster of thunderstorms in August?
the wind speed of the air around the hurricane increased substantially with height
What type of public advisory is given below?
"Sustained winds 64 kt (74 mph or 119 km/hr) or higher associated with a tropical cyclone are expected in a specified coastal area in 24 hours or less."
hurricane warning
Which of the following conditions is the most deadly with respect to hurricanes?
inland flooding
If the winds in a spiral rain band located 80 miles from center of the hurricane at 20 mph are eventually wrapped into the eye wall of the hurricane, how fast will the winds be in the eyewall? (Assume the eyewall has a diameter of 20 miles.)
It is 2010 and Hurricane Gaston is barreling toward Houston. Assume that the forecast track is 100% correct and the eye of Gaston will pass 70 miles to the north of Houston, what destructive aspect of Gaston should Houston prepare for the most?
Gaston's heavy rains and flooding
t is hurricane season but this is the only time of the year that your family can take a vacation cruise! Which of the following locations is the only location where you could safely cruise without fear of being hit by a hurricane?
"Anchovy Coastal Cruise Celebration". This cruise departs from San Jose, Costa Rica and cruises along the western shores South America coastline where anchovies are harvested from the ocean. Final destination is the city of Santiago, Chile.
The worst tropical cyclone disaster in recorded history was the Bhola Cyclone of 1970. This tropical cyclone killed nearly 500,000 people in this country...
Monitoring the sea surface temperature (SST) is crucial during hurricane season because hurricanes need warm waters to strengthen. In fact a hurricane's strength is directly related to the SST; the warmer the SST the stronger the hurricane. What instrument below is the primary source for making measurements of SST across the oceans?
infrared satellite imagery
It is 2015 and the 15th named tropical storm has just formed in the Atlantic. What is its name?
Which of the following is not true about the eye of a hurricane?
the coldest air temperatures are found in the eye of a hurricane
Which of the following best describes "storm surge"?
A rise is sea level mainly due to wind blown ocean water that inundates coastal areas with successively higher waves confined mainly in the eye wall.
What is the greatest threat to human lives from a slow moving hurricane?
inland flooding
Who is credited for coining the term "El Niño"?
Peruvian Fisherman
Which direction to the trade winds typical blow from?
When an El Niño occurs, how does the Atlantic hurricane season respond?
with fewer hurricanes than normal
During a La Niña, how does wintertime precipitation typically change in Urbana, IL?
same amount of precipitation but more of it falls as snow
Which weather event is considered the greatest weather-related disaster of the 20th century in the United States in terms of human, social and economic impacts?
The drought of the 1930s
Which of the following expressions refers to the tendency for a drought to feed upon itself?
"All signs fail in times of drought"
n 1988, a severe 1-year drought gripped a large part of the country and caused a lot of problems in the central part of the US as it destroyed crops and dried up some rivers that were used to transport goods. This drought was relatively short lived starting suddenly, reaching a peak quickly and ending quickly. During which season did this drought begin?
During the drought of the 50s, one state in particular was hit the hardest. During this nearly decade-long drought, this state had nearly all of its counties declared as federal disaster areas. One of the biggest changes for this state was in the irrigation practices where irrigation wells had to be dug much deeper to find water.
Which type of flooding is most often caused by slow-moving thunderstorms that "train", where each thunderstorm follows the one in front of it?
flash floods
In class we discussed how the Red River floods almost every year. What is unique about the Red River when compared to most rivers in the United States?
The Red River flows to the north instead of to the south and because of its northerly location, ice jams cause flooding every year
The "Great Mississippi Flood of 1993" has been called a 500-year flood. Which of the following best describes what the term "500-year" flood means?
The probability of a flood of this magnitude occurring during any year is 1 in 500.
Which of the following statements is not true with respect to rainbows?
For a primary rainbow, violet is on top because this wavelength of light is bent the most by the raindrop.
If it is late in the day and the Sun is setting and you see a rainbow from a nearby thunderstorm, in what direction are you looking?