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some of my cards at school! Vocab unit 9 (Ms. Epstein's kids...)


find or declare guilty sentence: the convict was sad when he was only to see through bars. Syn.- condemn, a prisoner, guilty Ant.-aquit,free,release


training to improve strength or self-control, the act of punishing sentence: when the dog peed on the man's shoe, the man had no choice but to discipline the dog. Syn.-drill, direction, limit Ant.-disorder, to forgive, confusion


a dark cell (usually underground) where prisoners can be confined sentence: When Alexandra was found guilty for talking in Ms. Epstein's class, she was thrown in the dungeon. Syn.-a keep, hold, hole


serious; sincere, important, or grave sentence: She gave me an earnest stare when she told me that she was sorry for pushing me in the hallways. Syn.- solemn, serious, sincere Ant.- silly, foolish, insincere


surround completely on all sides sentence: The toy dog was enclosed by a magical forcefield. Syn.- cage, surrounding, wall Ant.- release, free, exclude, leave out, odd number


proceeding in small stages sentence: The girl gradually learned to ride her bike. Syn.- slowly, on it's own pace, steady Ant.- sudden, abrupt


a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone sentence: when he said he wouldn't come to the party, she grumbled in anger. Syn.- mutter, rumble, mumble Ant.- silence, smile


having a sharply uneven surface or outline sentence: She held a jagged knife in her hand to show the man that it needed to be sharpened. Syn.- uneaven, rugged, crooked Ant.- smooth, perfect, straight, even


provide with nourishment, To feed; to support or make grow; Anything that feeds or helps to make grow sentence: the mother nurished the child with a seat by the fireplace, and a cup of hot cocoa. Syn.- nurture, raise, provide, care Ant.- to starve, neglect, abandon


the activity of supplying or providing something sentence: the mother used provision by buying her children food. Syn.- preperation, to furnish, to stock


a written agreement between two states or sovereigns, a formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries sentence: The Treaty will not be made unless it is important. Syn.- a pact, settlement, accord


not at ease socially sentence: the girl had an uneasy smile when stepping on the roller coaster. Syn.- troubled, unsure, nervous, jumpy Ant.- calm, certain, relaxed, comfortable

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