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  1. chicanery
  2. gregarious
  3. dupe
  4. exonerate
  5. erratic
  1. a to clear from blame
  2. b outgoing, socialble
  3. c deception by means of craft or guile
  4. d wandering and unpredictable
  5. e to deceive; a person who is easily deceived

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  1. clearly stated or shown; forthright in expression
  2. intense and passionate feeling
  3. concerning the appreciation of beauty
  4. impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
  5. respect, courtesy

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  1. condonelearned, scholarly, bookish


  2. equivocateto use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead


  3. chauvinistbiting in wit


  4. abstainto leave secretly


  5. cacophonyharsh, jarring noise


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