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  1. ephemeral
  2. gullible
  3. exacerbate
  4. chauvinist
  5. candid
  1. a someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs
  2. b impartial and honest in speech
  3. c lasting a short time
  4. d easily deceived
  5. e to make worse

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  1. an abusive, condemnatory speech
  2. deviation from what is normal
  3. to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock
  4. tending to talk alot
  5. impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected

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  1. chicanerydeception by means of craft or guile


  2. aggrandizeimpartial and honest in speech


  3. efficacyeffectiveness


  4. erraticbiting in wit


  5. banalpredictable, cliched, boring


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