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  1. iconoclast
  2. dupe
  3. impervious
  4. frugality
  5. condone
  1. a to deceive; a person who is easily deceived
  2. b to overlook, pardon, or disregard
  3. c one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions
  4. d a tendency to be thrifty or cheap
  5. e impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected

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  1. convincing and well reasoned
  2. to speak in favor of
  3. severe or stern in appearance; undecorated
  4. to increase in power, influence, and reputation
  5. intense and passionate feeling

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  1. candidimpartial and honest in speech


  2. abstainto choose not to do something


  3. bombasticpompous in speech and manner


  4. fanaticalacting excessively enthusiastic; filled with extreme, unquestioned devotion


  5. gregarioustoo trusting; gullible