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  1. euphemism
  2. eulogy
  3. amalgamate
  4. enigma
  5. enumerate
  1. a to count, list, or itemize
  2. b a puzzle; a mystery
  3. c to combine; to mix together
  4. d speech in praise of someone
  5. e use of an inoffensive word or phrase in place of a more distasteful one

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  1. fundamentally different; entirely unlike
  2. to provide supporting evidence
  3. to perceive; to recognize
  4. tending to talk alot
  5. to reduce in force or degree; to weaken

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  1. abstainto leave secretly


  2. estimableto present a false appearance; to disguise one's real intentions or character


  3. adulterateto make better; to improve


  4. diatribeto reduce in amount, degree, or severity


  5. disabusea funeral hymn or mournful speech