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Oral Communication Skills- The process of verbally expressing information or ideas; includes the ability to...
Communicate effectively in interpersonal, group, or public settings.
Communicate effectively across various channels (e.g., face-to-face and mediated interactions).
Actively listen.
Ask good questions.
Be persuasive.
Articulate and express ideas.
Obtain relevant information.

Written Communication Skills-The process of expressing information or ideas using the written word.
Determine appropriate tone and writing style for an audience.
Write with brevity and clarity.
Create/edit written reports.
Write using plain language.

Critical Thinking Skills- The objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment
Understand the logical connection between ideas.
Interpret and apply information to a given problem.
Connect various pieces of information to influence a decision.
Evaluate the credibility and utility of information as it relates to a given problem or issue.
Be aware of your own thinking process to eliminate bias.
Make decisions and solve problems effectively.

Data Analytic Skills- The ability to utilize data to test a hypothesis, support decision-making, or challenge assumptions.
Collect reliable and valid data in ways consistent with the scientific method.
Analyze data using both descriptive and inferential statistics.
Interpret findings to offer conclusions and make recommendations.
Use data analytic software such as Excel or SPSS to analyze quantitative data.

Organization Skills- The ability to effectively coordinate mental and physical tasks to meet demands in a set time frame.
Effectively time manage.
Allocate resources (e.g., money, labor) to achieve a task.
Be a leader.
Adapt in the face of crises or unexpected circumstances