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what causes obesity?
eating excessive amounts of fats
what veggie has a high water content?
if a women is pregnant and her doctor says to eat something high in energy, what should she eat?
if a person doesn't consume dairy products and calcium what happens?
his bones could become weak and fragile
what foods contain the nutrient fats
cheese, dressings and salad oils
water helps the body with what?
food digestion
what is the best meal for an athlete to eat before a competition?
one that has complex carbohydrates
a person who is on a diet should cut back on what?
saturated fatty acids, candy and cake
whole wheat flour is classified as what?
complex carbohydrate
what is a good source of vitamin D?
being out in the sunshine
where are fat-soluble vitamins stored
in the liver and water-soluble vitamins pass through the urine
what mineral is needed to help prevent cramps
excessive amounts of calcium are stored where
what food has unsaturated fats
if you replace animal sources of protein with plant sources what happens?
you get less fat
what are examples of complete proteins
cheese and chicken
an example of a healthy food choice for a toddler is?
eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables
what's the primary concern and health risk related to an Asian eating plan?
stomach cancer
what's a symptom of bulimia nervosa
stained teeth
what's a nutritional need during breast feeding/lactation
increase dairy products
what is an example of nutritional needs for adults 50 years of age and older?
increase vitamin B complex, vitamin D and calcium
what might be a cause of high blood pressure?
excessive salt in the diet
what is an example of a healthy food choice for a teenager
fresh fruits and vegetables
to cut calories a person should what
select fresh fruit for dessert
what is an example of a healthy food choice for an adult
snakcing on multi-grain crackers, fresh carrots and celery
what is a primary concern and health risk related to a Caribbean eating plan
insufficient protein
what is a major factor to what obesity is common among teenagers?
eat foods high in sugars, starches and fats
what might be a cause of obesity
drinking diet sodas and eating high-calorie foods
cow's milk should be avoided by who?
infants 0-7 months
serving of veggies?
serving of protein?
helps blood clots
vitamin K
fights infection
vitamin C
bones and teeth
vitamin D
serving of dairy
Whole wheat flour is classified as a
Complex carbohydrate
serving of dairy
Red velvet cake, pecan pie , cheesecake, lollipops are
simple carbohydrates