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Management 3210 - Exam 2

The planning process begins with which of these?
The development of a mission statement
Which of the following is not a step in the organizational planning process?
Plan marketing tactics
_____ enables firms to cope with the unexpected events that are so sudden and devastating that they have the potential to destroy the organization if managers aren't prepared with a quick and appropriate response.
Crisis planning
Of the strategic management functions, which is considered the most fundamental?
A corporate-level strategy is concerned with the question
What business are we in?
Double Click, Inc. has a number of strategic business units. Their handheld computer unit has a large market share in this rapidly-growing industry. Their handheld computer business would be classified as...
a star
Which of the following strategies would be appropriate when the need for both national responsiveness and global integration is low?
Choosing between a differentiation strategy and an overall cost leadership strategy is...
a decision.
The ____ model of decision making is most valuable when applied to ____
classical, programmed decisions
Rodney doesn't always realize that within his role as an air traffic controller, he must continuously percieve and process information based on knowledge and experience that he is not always consciously aware of. This describes what type of decision making?
The organization chart
1. shows the characteristics of the organization's vertical structure
2. is a visual representation of the organization's structure
3. details the formal reporting relationships that exist within an organization
____ departments include all of those that provide specialized skills in support of ____ departments
Staff; line
Marissa was recently assigned to a committee whose task is to research new product opportunities. Once this group generates a list of six or seven viable options, it will be disbanded. This group is also known as a...
task force
In ____ production, firms produce goods in batches of one or a few products designed to customer specification.
small batch
Which of the following is a change in the organization's production process--how the organization does its work?
All of the following are critical innovation strategies for changing products and technologies EXCEPT
risk propensity
John has tremendous technical skills and frequently comes up with valuable ideas. However, he has little idea how to promote it within the organization. John is a good example of
an inventor
Organizational development specialists identify three distinct steps for achieving behavioral and attitudinal changes. These are...
unfreezing, changing, refreezing
The most common form of formal corporate training is...
on-the-job training
Which of the following is inappropriate to ask on an employment application?
Applicant's ancestry/ethnicity
While interviews are ____, they are generally ____ predictors of subsequent job performance.
Widely used; Not valid
All of the following are changes that are reshaping our workforce EXCEPT
younger workforce
All of the following are traditional model dimensions of diversity EXCEPT
religious beliefs
Trouser's Inc. top management is exclusively made up of older white males. Trouser's promotes from within and top management is most comfortable with individuals who are similar to them. Women and minorities at this company who wish to be promoted are likely to experience...
the glass ceiling effect
Riya was a highly successful manager at Optics Int'l. After ten years with the company, she decided to leave and become a full-time mother and caregiver to her ailing father. This example demonstrates which factor affecting women's careers?
Opt-out trend