Chapter 1

ISDS chapter one terms
application software
the type of software that sits on top of the operating system and utilizes the computers capabilities to perform a user talk is called:
which of the following is NOT an example of an input device
a computer that makes programs and data available to people who are connected to a computer network
safety-critical systems have which of the following type of systems that kick in if the main computer goes down
random access
the most important type of memory that a typical computer uses during the processing operation is ---- memory
technology has contributed to globalization, which has led to
which of the following is NOT a basic computer operation
network interface card
NIC is an abbreviation for which of the following terms
which of the following computers would be used in a large corporation to complete huge processing needs, such as airline reservations
operating system
OS is an abbreviation for which of the following terms
the computer function in which raw data is received is known as
the CPU is often referred to as the ---- of the computer
the computer function in which processed data is displayed is known as
labor dumping
the flooding of a labor market with foreign workers is known as
director of network services
which of the following types of IT positions has the responsibility of ensuring overall network reliability
trade shows
are gatherings where manufacturers, designers, and dealers meet specifically to demonstrate their products and services
programming mathematics
the main course focus for the computer science field includes
information systems
which of the following company or university departments typically has the responsibility for managing information technology and systems
the combination of IT skills, business knowledge, and --- abilities makes MIS graduates good choices in almost any department in a corporation
is the act of one company contracting with another to provide services, that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees, performed by another company
computer history
computer science students are encouraged to supplement their technical degrees with all of the following "soft" business skill EXCEPT
which of the following departments is usually located in business schools
application software and business processes
the main course focus for the management information systems field includes
analytical and technical skills to develop solutions to problems
traditional computer science departments at the university level focus on
windows server 2003, operating system, and LAN-based client/server development
which of the following competencies are demonstrated by the Microsoft certified systems engineer (MCSE) certificate
programs that are designed for specialized fields or the business market are known as --- applications
validation proves that you are a --- copy of the software and not a pirate version
because web browsers can read --- files, that form of animation is common on the web
multimedia and graphics software
include desktop publishing and multimedia authoring programs, animation programs, image-editing programs, and 3-D rendering programs
personal productivity program
include word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, and personal information management application
a --- file, which is used in publishing, allows very specific instructions to be attached to an image
which of the following is the lossy file format used on the web
it can avoid compatibility problems
spyware software can perform all of the following EXCEPT
minimum level of equipment needed for the computer to run the software
the system requirements for a software program indicate the
graphical multiuser dungeons, graphical multiuser dimensions
which of the following does gMUD stand for
public domain
which of the following software is NOT copyrighted software
google docs
unlike other web-hosted technology, --- permits opening and editing files directly within the users web browser
one computer
most software licenses included with programs that you purchase give you the right to install the program on
enterprise resource planning
which of the following types of software is used in integrate all facets of a business into a single computer system
redundant array of independent disks
the acronym RAID stands for which of the following
disaster recovery plan
an --- is a written plan that specifies steps to be taken in the event of an emergency
which of the following languages allow enterprises to publish and share financial information with each other
blade servers
are space-saving units that provide a powerful platform to fulfill the requirements of data centers and enterprise demands
assume that you are working in a computer lab. Each time a PC boots, you see the same windows desktop and application options. their computer lab is using a ---- structure
a hardware or software systems ability to continue functioning effectively as demands and use increase is known as
superior positon
a competitive advantage is condition that gives companies --- over the companies it competes with
create a network inventory
as OSS can do all of the following EXCEPT
telephone information processing system
an ERP system will contain all of the following EXCEPT
grid computing
refers to applying the abilities of many computers in a network to work on a single problem at the same time
finance and operations
business process reengineering focus on two core aspects of an organization
spell checking a document is an example of the computers ability to perform the --- function
the two main categories of software are
system software and application software
bachelors degree
in most cases, the degree required for an entry-level programming position is a
codecs use two different approaches to compression: lossless and ---
which of the following type of graphic is created by a drawing program
application software
includes programs that you use to complete a specific task such as letters and presentations
all of the above
once a disaster recovery plan is developed, additional steps to ensure the plan continues to function appropriately requires which of the following
all of the above
an OSS can do all of the following EXCEPT
keep track of an organizations interactions with its customers and retain those customers
the purpose of customer relationship management (CRM) software is to
an application service provider (ASP)
hosts software and deploys it over the internet to providers customers
a server is a computer that
makes programs and data available to people who are connected to a computer network
application software and business processes
the main course focus for the management information systems field includes