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  1. credence (noun)
  2. credibility (noun)
  3. creditable (adjective)
  4. irreversible (adjective)
  5. incontrovertible (adjective)
  1. a a. deserving of limited praise; sufficiently good - b. worthy of praise
  2. b impossible to reverse
  3. c acceptance as true or valid; belief
  4. d unquestionable; impossible to dispute
  5. e believablilty; reliablilty; the power to inspire belief

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  1. the sensation of dizziness
  2. to give variety to; to vary
  3. disbelieving; showing disbelief; skeptical
  4. something that gives one confidence or authority; evidence of one's qualifications
  5. a. an intense dislike - b. the avoidance of something considered unpleasant or painful

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  1. revert (verb)to turn upside down or inside out; to reverse the position or order of


  2. invert (verb)a. to turn away - b. to ward off


  3. discredit (verb, noun)a. to officially recognize or approve as having met certain standards - b. to credit with; to attribute to


  4. accredit (verb)a. to turn away - b. to ward off


  5. miscreant (noun)an evildoer; a villian