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WV driving permit levels

the levels of permits and descriptions/requirements one can have for the WVa drivers license of any type
Level 1 Permit Requirements (Instruction Permit)
-Be at least 15
-May only drive with a licensed driver who is 21 years or older
-May only drive between the hours of 5am and 11pm
-May only have 2 additional passengers in addition to the supervising, licensed adult driver
-Two convictions will result in revocation of your permit (90 days)
Level 1 Permit Requirements (Instruction Permit)
-May not have any measurable amount of alcohol in your system while operating a motor vehicle
-Must require all occupants to adhere to the safety belt law
-Fee for a Level 1 permit is 5$
-May not use a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle, unless the use of the wireless communication device is for contacting a 911 system
Level 1 Permit (Instruction Permit)
-Non-renewable, if expires you must retest and maintain permit for another 180 consecutive days, conviction free, before applying to Level 2 License.
-If you surrender L1 permit for any reason, you're required to complete the exam process, maintain the L1 permit for 18- consecutive days (conviction free) and resubmit all identity, residency, and school driver eligibility certifiate prior to issuance.
-L1 Permit is issued up until the applicant's 18th brithday and expires on that day. However a 30 day grace period will be allowed.
Obtaining Level 1 Permit (Instruction Permit)
-Must be at least 15 years old
-Pass a vision test and knowledge test
-Have valid school driver eligibility certificate for local school board
-Have written permission of parent/guardian (Parental consent is not required for married applicants underthe age of 18 but you must present certified copy of marriage certificate
Level 2 License Requirements (Intermediate License)
-Be at least 16 years of age
-Have minimum of 180 consecutive days of conviction-free driving at Level 1 immediately preceeding the date of your L2 application
-Have a parent or legal guardian certification (log sheet) of a minimum of 30 hours behind the wheel OR complete a driver's education course approved by the WV Dept. of Edu.
Level 2 License Requirements (Immediate License)
-Pass a road skills test (maximum of 3 attempts to complete)
-Have valid school driver eligibility certificate
-Identification and residency documents
-May not use a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle, unless the wireless communication device is for contacting a 911 system
Level 2 (Immediate License)
-May drive without a supervising, licensed adult driver who is age 21 or older between the hours of 5am and 11pm
-Level 2 drivers must drive with a supervising, licensed adult who is age 21 or older between the hours of 11pm and 5am
Level 2 (Immediate License) exceptions
Exception to the hours one can drive rule are when the licensee is participating in, going to, or returning from:
1) lawful employement
2) school-sanctioned activity
3)religious activity
4)emergency situation that requires the licensee to preven bodily injury or death of another
Level 2 (Immediate License)
-L2 drivers may only have 3 additional passengers, excluding family members, under the age of 19 at any time. L2 drivers may not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system and must require all occupants to follow the seat belt law
-If you surrender you L2 GDL for any reason, you msut start over with a L.1 permit
GDL Violations and Convictions
-Convictions at L.1&2 result in penalties that may include suspending or revoking the driving privilege.
-Under a L.1 license, two convictions result in the revocation of license. The revocation lasts 90 days and then you're eligible to reapply and retest to obtain L.1 permit
-If a citation is issued for the use of a cell phone on a L1 or 2, you must begin the conviction free period over (L1: 1-6 months; L2: 2-12 months)
GDL Violations and Convictions
-L2 license requires a 12 month conviction free period before eligibilty to graduate to L3 stage.
-If convicted, L2 licensees are required to enroll in a driver improvement program upon first conviction.
-Failure to enroll will require the drive to remain at L2 stage uintil the age of 18. A second conviction requires the revocation of driving privileges until you are 18
GDL Violations and Convictions
Criminal penalties for violating GDL restrictions are:
-25$ for first offense
-50$ for second offense
75$ for third offense
Level 3 License (Non-GDL)
Applicant can choose to stay at L2 license until 18 years of age or pass on to L3. To be eligible for L3, you must have:
-12 months of conviction-free driving under a L2 license
-Be at least 17 years old and have successfully completed all requirements
-Visit a DMV regional office or testing center to apply for L3 license
Graduated Licenses are Color-Coded
under 18-Red background
18 to 20-Blue background
21 and over-landscape background
Regular (Non-GDL) Instruction Premit
If 18 or over and have never had a driver's license (L2 or comparable) you must obtain a regular Class E instruction permit. GDLs are ot issued to drives 18 or older. Once application is complete and presented the appropriate documents, you will be allowed to take vision and written tests. Once those are tests are passed, you will be issued a regular Class E Instruction Permit.
Regular (Non-GDL) Instruction Premit
Allows you to operate a motor vehicle for a period of 90 days, if permit expires you must retest. You must retake Vision and written tests to obtain another Instruction Permit. If never been licensed at L2 or comparable, you must maintain the instruction permit for 30 days before you are eligible to take road skills test.
Motorcycle License-Obtaining Instruction Permit
Allows you to ride a motorcycle on public roads during daylight hours without passengers.
-Be at least 16 and have fulfilled all requirements of L1 Instruction Permit and met all requirements for L2 Intermediate License or be at least 18
-Pass a 25 question motorcycle knowledge examination with a grade of 80% or better
-Present Identity and Residency documents
Motorcycle Endorsement (F Endorsment) Obtaining
-Pass motorcycle road skills test given by DMV examiner OR complete WVa motorcycle rider education program
Once completed, you may have the F endorsment added to driver's license for a duplication fee of 5$, plus a 1$ per year fee for the length of time the driver's license is valid.
Motorcycle-Only (Class F License) Obtaining
pass motorcycle road skills test given by driver examiner of DMV OR complete the Wva motorcycle rider education program. Once completed one of these two components, you may have your Class F license processed for a fee of 2.50$ for each year the license is issued. The bearer of a Class F license cannot drive any other type of motor vehicle.
License Restrictions
-Artifical Limbs
-Corrective Lenses
-Automatic Transmission
-Mechanical Signals
-Outside Mirrors
-Hand Controls
-Corrective Lenses and Outside Mirrors Other (The division may impose restrictions not listed above)
License Restrictions
-Daylight Driving Only
-Spinner Knob
-CDL Intrastate only/Under 21
-Vehicle Without Airbrakes
-Class B or C Bus Only
-Class C Bus Only
Power Steering & Brakes
Drive for 5
All driver's licenses will expire in a year in which you are is divisible by 5 (25,30,35,40,45,ect.) the inital license is issued for a period of Three to Seven years, depending on time of renewal.
All license renal fees will be based on the number of years you will have a license until your age is divisible by 5 at a rate of 2.50$ per year plus 50 cents.
License Fees (Graduated Driver's License)
Min.age Type of license Expiration Fee
15 L1 18th birthday (30 day grace period) 5$
16 L2 Until 18 5$
17 L3 Until 21 2.50$/year+.50 motor voter
License Fees (Instruction Permit)
Min.age Type of license Expiration Fee
16 Motorcycle Instruction Permit 90 days 5$
18 Instruction Permit 90 days 5$
Regular Driver's License
Min.age Type of license Fee Expired Fee
18 Driver's License 2.50$/year + 5$
(Class E or F) .50 motor voter
Duplicate License 5$