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The Old Man and The Sea Vocab


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(adj) Trite
unoriginal; cliché; overused
(noun) adage
a wise saying; a proverb
(adj) compelling
forceful and convincing
(adj) Frank
honest; straightforward
(adj) Adamant
refusing to be persuaded; resolute
(adj) emphatic
with forceful emphasis
(noun) candor
honesty; straightforwardness
(noun) Repartee
a witty reply
(adj) Laconic
not talkative; using as few words as possible
(adj) Wry
dryly humorous; sarcastic
(adj) Facetious
playfully humorous; teasing with no ill will
(verb) Lament
to grieve; to regret
(n/adj) Pejorative
expressing contempt or disapproval
(adj) Tacit
unspoken, but implied and understood
(N) Rapport
a relationship built on good reputation
(verb) Disparage
to belittle; to trash
(adj) Garrulous
excessively talkative

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