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#16 - Patrymau

New patterns from Uned 16 of Cwrs Sylfaenol Ceredigion. Siarad ar y ffôn.

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Ydy Sandra yna?
Is Sandra there?
Yes she is
Nac ydy
No she isn't
Ydy Ffred yna?
Is Ffred there?
Ydy'r prifathro yna?
Is the headmaster there?
Pwy sy'n siarad?
Who is speaking?
Ffred sy yma
It's Ffred here
Sandra sy yma
It's Sandra here
Ffred sy'n siarad
It's Ffred speaking
Sandra sy'n siarad
It's Sandra speaking
Dyw e ddim yma ar hyn o bryd
He's not here at the moment
Dyw e ddim ar gael ar hyn o bryd
He's not available at the moment
Mae hi'n brysur ar hyn o bryd
She's busy at the moment
Does neb yma ar hyn o bryd
There's no one here at the moment
Alla i siarad â Ffred?
Can I speak to Ffred?
Alla i gael gair â Ffred?
Can I have a word with Ffred?
Alla i'ch helpu chi?
Can I help you?
Alla i gymryd neges?
Can I take a message?
Yes you can
Na allwch
No you can't
Mae'n flin 'da fi
I'm sorry
Allwch chi roi neges iddo fe?
Can you give a message to him?
Allwch chi roi neges iddi hi?
Can you give a message to her?
Allwch chi ofyn iddi hi ffonio'n ôl?
Can you ask her to phone back?
Allwch chi ofyn iddo fe ffonio'n ôl?
Can you ask him to phone back?
Yes I can
Na alla, mae'n flin 'da fi
No I can't, I'm sorry