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Person most responsible for getting the Erie Canal built
DeWitt Clinton
Length of the Erie Canal
363 miles
Width of the Erie Canal
40 Feet
Depth of the Erie Canal
4 Feet
Amount of money borrowed to build the Erie Canal
$7 million
Method by which New York State paid back the loan to build the canal
Tolls paid by boats traveling in the canal
Date when the building of the Erie Canal began
July 4, 1817
Year when the Erie Canal was completed
The cities at the endpoints of the Erie Canal
Buffalo and Albany
Name used by those who did not think the Erie Canal was a good idea
Clinton's Ditch or Clinton's Folly
Walkway alongside the canal where mules walked and pulled boats
Things that replaced the Erie Canal.
Railroads, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and highways.
Inventions on the Erie Canal
New Wheelbarrow, Stump Puller, Tree Toppler, Cement
Length of time it took to build the Erie Canal
8 years
City where the building of the Erie Canal began
Rome, NY
Amount of money workers would earn each day
50 cents
Most workers on the Erie Canal were of this specific group
Name of the ceremony that celebrated the completion of the Erie Canal
Wedding of the Waters - Water from Lake Erie was dumped in the Atlantic Ocean and vis versa. This symbolized the joining of the two bodies of water.
The canal was made by the power of men and horses
A canal is man-made
Job for young boys on the Erie Canal
"Hoggees" who guided mules along the towpath.
Length of a typical workday
Sun-up to Sundown
Difficulties encountered by workers on the canal
Malaria, backbreaking work, violence, cholera, labor riots.
Ways the new wheelbarrow was better than the old wheelbarrow
1. It had a semi-circular front that made dumping easy. 2. It had 3 wheels which meant the front could be dumped.
Describe how the stump puller worked.
The stump puller was an axel that had a chain wound around it. The chain would also be fastened to a stump. Oxen were attached to the stump puller and would pull a rope, which tightened and pulled the chain. This would remove the stump. Instead of only 4 stumps, now 30-40 stumps could be pulled out a day.
Describe how the tree toppler worked.
A heavy cable was attached to the top of the tree and then also attached to a screw- gear. The gear was wound with a crank, pulling the tree to the ground. One person could now do the work of several men.
How workers dealt with the change in elevation.
Number of locks on the Erie Canal
Number of locks between Albany and Schenectady.
27 locks in 24 miles.
Ways the Erie Canal improved trade and travel in NYS.
Cheaper shipping, faster travel, Boomtowns.
Current name of the Erie Canal
NYS Canal System
What the Erie Canal is used for today
Recreational, educational, and historical purposes.