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PPME Block 5 China Security Issues


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High levels of national saving and investment are dependent on the "virtuous cycle of growth."
Since 1993, China has embarked on a reform process of fiscal decentralization that has continued to grow to the present day.
In Deng Xiaoping's view, the meaning of reform was the ______________. Select all that apply.
continuing state ownership of property
continuing central economic planning
allowing free-market forces to play supporting role in national economic development
providing the basic framework for national development and modernization today to a "socialist market economy"
State support and basic social services is given to ______________.
only to those with local household registration
Deng Xiaoping's model of national development required ______________.
a long, experimental course of reform
Select the correct answer to define: "The State maintains control over some sectors of the economy, but allows free-market principles to regulate other sectors of the economy to help build socialism."
Building China's "socialist market economy"
The Chinese government has recognized in recent years, spectacular economic growth and rapid modernization guarantees human development.
What is the definition of a group of workers who come to the city often to generate additional income to support their families in rural areas?
The floating population
The urban-rural income and development gap ______________.
is growing
This arid region of China includes high plateaus, mountain ranges, and desert basins with rich mineral and energy resources.
Western China
China's fiscal decentralization policies have helped to close the income gap between different regions and provinces of China.