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PPME Block 5 China Environment and Development


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In 1994, China adopted ______________ the United Nations' guidelines for achieving sustainable economic development.
Agenda 21
By 2007, over 60,000 premature deaths were reported annually by the World Bank due to ______________.
poor water quality
China relies on coal for ______________ percent of its basic energy needs.
In 2005 the Ministry of Water Resources classified over half of the total length of China's ______________ major river systems as unfit for any type of direct human contact.
China's Five-Year Plan for 2006-2010 mandated a system for evaluating the performance of sub-national government officials on a combination of environmental measures, as well as economic growth.
China's greatest natural resource problem is ______________.
What campaign primarily focused on ideological and political change?
Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
China is the largest producer of ______________.
The new Environmental Protection Law, passed in 1989, promoted ______________ and ______________. Select all that apply.
The first Environmental Protection Law, passed in 1979, directed the Environmental Protection Agency to ______________.
produce environmental impact statements for proposed heavy industry and infrastructural projects
What pollution problem in China causes over four billion dollars in crop damage per year?
Acid rain
Although economic growth remains a high priority for the Chinese government, there is also a fear that this growth will result in ______________.
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