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  1. William Sheldon
  2. Masters & Johnson
  3. Elizabeth Loftus
  4. Ernest Hilgard
  5. Aaron Beck
  1. a Divided consciousness theory of hypnosis; the "hidden observer"
  2. b Memory construction; False memory syndrome; eye-witness identification
  3. c Early Trait Theorist; studied body types and personaltiy
  4. d Sex researchers: Described the sexual response cycle
  5. e Cognitive-Behaviorist; Developed cognitive therapy for depression (irrational thinking impacts emotions)

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  1. Russian Physiologist; classical conditioning (salivation in dogs)
  2. Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision
  3. Famous for having a metal rod blown through his head
  4. Behaviorist; father of operant conditioning; principles of reinforcement
  5. Structuralist; 1st psychology lab (in Germany)

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  1. Hermann EbbinghausMemory researcher; Used "nonsense syllables"; Described the learning and forgetting curves


  2. Erik EriksonDeveloped "Gestalt Therapy"


  3. Muzafer SherifSuggestibility studies (conformity) involving the apparent movement of lights; studies "cooperation" with kids at camp


  4. Hans EysenckStress and the "General Adaptation Syndrome"


  5. Soloman AschConformity studies; judging the length of lines