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  1. Jean Piaget
  2. Benjamin Whorf
  3. Edward Tolman
  4. Harry Harlow
  5. Albert Ellis
  1. a Cognitive perspective; Developed RET (Rational Emotive Therapy)
  2. b Stages of Cognitive Development
  3. c Language theorist; Linguistic Determinism (Language Affects Thinking)
  4. d Cognitive psychologist; Latent Learning & cognitive maps in rats
  5. e Attachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys

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  1. Russian Physiologist; classical conditioning (salivation in dogs)
  2. Famous for having a metal rod blown through his head
  3. Structuralist; 1st psychology lab (in Germany)
  4. Trait Theorist; Personality questionnaire based on two personality dimensions
  5. Humanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization

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  1. Julian RotterStages of Cognitive Development


  2. Elizabeth LoftusStage of Death & Dying


  3. Hermann EbbinghausCognitive Dissonance Theory


  4. Phillip ZimbardoEarly Trait Theorist; studied body types and personaltiy


  5. Hermann von HelmholtzTrichromatic Theory of Color Vision