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  1. Wolfgang Kohler
  2. William Sheldon
  3. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
  4. David Wechsler
  5. Edward L. Thorndike
  1. a Early Trait Theorist; studied body types and personaltiy
  2. b Behaviorist; 1st studies on animal learning (cats and the puzzle box); Law of Effect
  3. c Developed WAIS and WISC (IQ tests)
  4. d Demonstrated "insight" in chimps when Sultan used tools to solve a problem
  5. e Stage of Death & Dying

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  1. Proponent of "the situation" in the "person-situation" debate in personality theory
  2. Studied the "bystander effect" or "diffusion of responsibility"
  3. Father of psychoanalysis; wrote "The Interpretation of Dreams" in 1890
  4. Memory construction; False memory syndrome; eye-witness identification
  5. Attachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys

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  1. Diana BaumrindOpponent-Process Theory of Color Vision


  2. Hans SelyeTrait Theorist; Personality questionnaire based on two personality dimensions


  3. Masters & JohnsonSex researchers: Described the sexual response cycle


  4. Sperry & GazzinigaSplit-brain experiments


  5. Charles SpearmanGeneral Intelligence or "g" underlies IQ. If you are intelligent in one area, you are probably smart in others.