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  1. Fritz Perls
  2. John B. Watson
  3. Albert Ellis
  4. Hans Selye
  5. Conrad Lorenz
  1. a Developed "Gestalt Therapy"
  2. b Stress and the "General Adaptation Syndrome"
  3. c Studied "imprinting" in birds
  4. d Cognitive perspective; Developed RET (Rational Emotive Therapy)
  5. e Behaviorist; classical conditioning; "Little Albert" study

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  1. Language theorist; Universal Grammar Theory (born to learn grammar)
  2. Wrote article, "On Being Sane in Insane Places" (pretended to be schizophrenic)
  3. Conformity studies; judging the length of lines
  4. Neo-Freudian; Psychosocial Stages of Development
  5. Observational Learning ("modeling"); Reciprocal determinism

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  1. Stanley MilgramObedience studies using "shock"


  2. Muzafer SherifSuggestibility studies (conformity) involving the apparent movement of lights; studies "cooperation" with kids at camp


  3. Fritz HeiderAttribution Theory; Fundamental Attribution Error


  4. Wolfgang KohlerNeo-Freudian; Focused on the "inferiority complex"


  5. Abraham MaslowHumanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization