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  1. Fritz Heider
  2. Lawrence Kohlberg
  3. John B. Watson
  4. Hubel & Weisel
  5. Walter Mischel
  1. a Attribution Theory; Fundamental Attribution Error
  2. b Behaviorist; classical conditioning; "Little Albert" study
  3. c Nobel Prize for "feature detection" in vision
  4. d Proponent of "the situation" in the "person-situation" debate in personality theory
  5. e Stages of Moral Development

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  1. Groupthink
  2. Trait Theorist; Personality questionnaire based on two personality dimensions
  3. Cognitive behaviorist; studied "learned helplessness" and was a proponent of "positive psychology"
  4. Stages of Moral Development in Girls
  5. Language theorist; Universal Grammar Theory (born to learn grammar)

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  1. George SperlingOpponent-Process Theory of Color Vision


  2. A. Simon & T. BinetStudied depth perception using the "visual cliff"


  3. Leon FestingerCognitive Dissonance Theory


  4. Jean PiagetStages of Cognitive Development


  5. David McClellandMotivation research on learned needs (achievement, affiliation, & power)