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  1. Conrad Lorenz
  2. George Sperling
  3. Harry Harlow
  4. Aaron Beck
  5. Masters & Johnson
  1. a Cognitive-Behaviorist; Developed cognitive therapy for depression (irrational thinking impacts emotions)
  2. b Studied sensory (iconic) memory
  3. c Attachment/body contact studies in baby monkeys
  4. d Studied "imprinting" in birds
  5. e Sex researchers: Described the sexual response cycle

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  1. Conformity studies; judging the length of lines
  2. Nobel Prize for "feature detection" in vision
  3. Social Psychologist; Did the "Stanford Prison Study" on role-playing
  4. Cognitive theorist; Studied Locus of Control
  5. Neo-Freudian; Psychosocial Stages of Development

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  1. Hermann von HelmholtzTrichromatic Theory of Color Vision


  2. Edward L. ThorndikeBehaviorist; 1st studies on animal learning (cats and the puzzle box); Law of Effect


  3. William JamesGroupthink


  4. Elaine HatfieldStudied attraction and love


  5. Ernest HilgardCognitive Dissonance Theory