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  1. Stanley Milgram
  2. Phillip Zimbardo
  3. Benjamin Whorf
  4. Simon LeVay
  5. Henry Murray
  1. a Thematic Apperception Test (TAT); studies achievement motivation
  2. b Language theorist; Linguistic Determinism (Language Affects Thinking)
  3. c Social Psychologist; Did the "Stanford Prison Study" on role-playing
  4. d Discovered that a portion of the hypothalamus was smaller in gay men
  5. e Obedience studies using "shock"

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  1. Studied the "bystander effect" or "diffusion of responsibility"
  2. Studied secure & insecure attachment in children by placing them in "strange situations"
  3. Cognitive-Behaviorist; Developed cognitive therapy for depression (irrational thinking impacts emotions)
  4. Cognitive psychologist; Latent Learning & cognitive maps in rats
  5. Stress and the "General Adaptation Syndrome"

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  1. Elizabeth LoftusMemory construction; False memory syndrome; eye-witness identification


  2. G. Stanley HallObedience studies using "shock"


  3. Muzafer SherifSuggestibility studies (conformity) involving the apparent movement of lights; studies "cooperation" with kids at camp


  4. Howard GardnerMultiple Intelligences including "musical", "body-kinesthetic", & naturalistic intelligence


  5. Abraham MaslowHumanist; Hierarchy of Needs; Self-actualization


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