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  1. B. F. Skinner
  2. Irving Janis
  3. Robert Sternberg
  4. Ewald Hering
  5. William Sheldon
  1. a Behaviorist; father of operant conditioning; principles of reinforcement
  2. b Opponent-Process Theory of Color Vision
  3. c Triarchic Theory of Intelligence: analytical, practical, and creative intelligence
  4. d Groupthink
  5. e Early Trait Theorist; studied body types and personaltiy

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  1. General Intelligence or "g" underlies IQ. If you are intelligent in one area, you are probably smart in others.
  2. Developed WAIS and WISC (IQ tests)
  3. Functionalist; 1st president of APA; Wrote "Principle of Psychology" in 1890
  4. Suggestibility studies (conformity) involving the apparent movement of lights; studies "cooperation" with kids at camp
  5. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT); studies achievement motivation

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  1. Francis GaltonFamous for having a metal rod blown through his head


  2. Hans SelyeStress and the "General Adaptation Syndrome"


  3. Fritz PerlsDeveloped "Gestalt Therapy"


  4. Mary AinsworthHumanist; client-centered therapy; "Unconditional Positive Regard"


  5. Sperry & GazzinigaStudied the "bystander effect" or "diffusion of responsibility"


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