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The Bergeron process

Freezing nuclei play a role

Atmospheric subduction process

Is not a process that has been proposed to explain the formation of precipitation


Means "rain cloud"


Term used to describe clouds of middle height

Dust, smoke, and salt particles

Are all examples of condensation nuclei

Afternoon thunderstorms

Is not associated with stable atmospheric conditions

Subsidence in the air column

Will not cause air to become unstable

Orographic lifting

Is associated with mountains


Is not a process that lifts air

Middle-latitude cyclones

Are weather-producing fronts that are parts of storm systems

Air temperatures rises and air molecules move faster

Occur when air is compressed

Dew point

Refers to the temperature to which air would have to be cooled to reach saturation

Relative humidity

Indicates how near the air is to saturation

Relative humidity

The ratio of air's water-vapor content to its capacity to hold water vapor at that same temperature


Air that his reached its water-vapor capacity


The process of converting a liquid to a gas

City A in the Southern Hemisphere and City B in the Northern Hemisphere are located at the same latitude.

Therefore, City B has the larger annual temperature range

The temperature of a city located along a windward coast

Have cooler summer temperature than an inland location at the same latitude


Does not need to travel through a medium

Water vapor and carbon dioxide

Are the two most important heat-absorbing gases in the lower atmosphere

30 percent

The average amount of the sun's energy that reaches the Earth's outer atmosphere and is reflected back into space

300,000 kilometers per second

The speed electromagnetic waves travel through space


The electromagnetic waves with the longest wavelengths

Differences in temperature

Causes the transfer of heat and/or energy from one object to another

When air transfers energy to a cooler object, what happens to the air temperature?

It decreases


The latitude that you would expect the sun to be directly overhead at noon on April 21

June 21

When the summer solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere


Is the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere


The lowest layer of the atmosphere


Is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere

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