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chapter 4 test questions

Risk factors contributed by the roadway and the environment might include

construction, sharp curve, snow, and ice

The driving task is primarily a

thinking task

When you apply the IPDE Process, you may decide to

change speed, change direction, or communicate with others

How many zones of space surrounding your vehicle are incorporated in the Zone Control System?


A closed zone means

a spaces not open to you because of a restriction in your line of sight or intended path of travel

How many searching ranges need to be evaluated in your path of travel?


The process of searching critical areas of the traffic environment in a regular sequence is called

an orderly visual pattern

You should practice your orderly visual pattern

as a passenger in a vehicle

When you look far ahead as you drive, you are

learning about farsightedness

Scanning means to

glance quickly and continually

Searching for specific driving related clues

is different in different environments

As you drive on a residential street, you spot the following clues: a parked vehicle with front wheels turned toward the street and a person sitting behind the wheel. You should

predict that the vehicle may enter your path

When you identify that a roadway is narrowing from a multilane to a single lane, you should

move into the through lane as soon as possible

When you use the predict step in the IPDE Process, you

judge where possible points of conflict may occur

Making driving judgments involves

measuring, comparing, and evaluating a traffic situation

How can you prepare yourself to deal with the worst possible actions of other HTS users?

Assume others will make mistakes

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