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found in graduated cylinder curved surface of liquid in graduate
amount of matter in an object. (solid,liquid,Gas)
response or affect of gravity on mass
metric unit of measure
basic unit of finding mass
graduated cylinder
Instrument used to measure volume of a liquid
triple beam balance
tool used to measure mass
cubic centimeter
metric unit used to measure the volume of solids
characteristics of the volume of solids
definite shape,volume examples:rocks pennies grass
characteristics of the volume of liquid
no definite shape has definite volume examples:water oil
characteristics of the volume of gas
no definite shape or volume examples:oxygen<nitrogen<carbon dioxide
regular solid
it's volume can be found using lwh
irregular solid
something with no dimensions. example:rock
water displacement method
Subtract the original volume of water from the reading you get after adding an object to a graduated cylinder containg water. The difference is the volume of the object.