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  1. coaxes
  2. errant
  3. pruning
  4. subjectivity
  5. refurbished
  1. a to make clean, bright, or fresh again;renovate
  2. b emotions or feelings
  3. c to cut off, clear, or remove
  4. d straying from the right course
  5. e to persuade by pleading or flattery

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  1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong
  2. pretend; fake; false
  3. inactive; lying asleep; not erupting
  4. not clear or definite; hazy
  5. something that nourishes or cares for; encouraging

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  1. retreatto withdraw or go back


  2. asphyxiatedintolerant of any other beliefs or opinions


  3. burrowstraying from the right course


  4. lepersomething or someone that is inspiring to an artist


  5. wanstraying from the right course