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  1. hazing
  2. consistency
  3. tenacious
  4. xenophobic
  5. demerit
  1. a a mark against someone for misconduct
  2. b unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners
  3. c keeping the same behavior, form , pattern, or principles
  4. d persistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart
  5. e to abuse newcomers with humiliating tricks and ridicule

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  1. decisions based on personal feelings rather than facts
  2. a difficult problem; a dilemma
  3. pensive; thoughtful in a sad way; longing yearning
  4. something that nourishes or cares for; encouraging
  5. force or speed of movement; motion

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  1. recessivegoing back; receding; a gene that does not produce


  2. reluctancethe inner sense of what is right or wrong


  3. subjectivitya sacred place offering refuge or safety


  4. reputationto withdraw or go back


  5. dormantinactive; lying asleep; not erupting


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