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  1. xenophobic
  2. drone
  3. psuedo
  4. dynamics
  5. inconspicuous
  1. a pretend; fake; false
  2. b a remote control mechanism
  3. c unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners
  4. d not noticable; invisible
  5. e the social, intellectual, or physical force that characterizes a system or group

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  1. how the public views or regards an individual
  2. not straightforward; shifty or crooked
  3. decisions based on personal feelings rather than facts
  4. support for radical change or innovation
  5. going back; receding; a gene that does not produce

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  1. wandark; gloomy; pale in color ;sickly ;unhappy


  2. maladjustedforced to leave; drive away; expelled


  3. tenaciouspersistent; stubborn; vicious; not easily pulled apart


  4. bigoteda remote control mechanism


  5. coaxesto persuade by pleading or flattery