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Basic facts about influential people during the Scientific Revolution that we studied

(Nicolaus) Copernicus

1473-1543, Catholic, From: Poland, Created the Heliocentric Model of the universe

(Johannas) Kepler

1571-1630, Lutheran, From: Germany, Created three laws of planetary motion

(Galileo) Galilei

1564-1642, Catholic, From: Italy, Invented better telescope, discovered Jupiter's moons, showed planets weren't perfect spheres, supported heliocentric model

(Francis) Bacon

1561-1626, Anglican, From: Ireland, Came up with scientific method

(Rene) Descartes

1596-1650, No Religion, From: France, Founded analytical geometry, learned about circulation, wrote "On the Workings of the Human Body"

(Anton von) Leeuwenhoek

1632-1723, Calvinist, From: Germany, Invented the microscope similar to what we know today, discovered bacteria, sperm cells, blood cells, etc.

(Isaac) Newton

1643-1727, Arianism (Type of Protestantism), From: England, Created theories of gravitation, motion and light (ex. law of inertia, acceleration, and equal and opposite reaction)

(Andreas) Versalius

1514-1564, Catholic, From: England, Created detailed illustrations of human muscles, Wrote "De Corporis Humani Fabrica"

(Tycho) Brahe

1546-1601, Lutheran, From: Denmark (at the time), was able to make very precise calculations before the telescope was made that provided a foundation for many other scientists to make monumental discoveries

(Evangelista) Torrecelli

1608-1647, Christian, From: Italy, The inventor of the mercury barometer

(Edward) Jenner

1749-1823, Anglican, From: England, Created small pox vaccination from Cow Pox

(Charles) Darwin

1809-1882, Anglican, From: England, Discovered evolution and wrote "The Origin of Species"

(William) Harvey

1578-1657, Anglican, From: England, Discovered that mammals could only reproduce through the meeting of egg and sperm

(William) Gilbert

1544-1603, Anglican, From: England (under Elizabeth), Disproved many myths about magnetism

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