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Psychology Unit 4 MC

learning words
The beginning of true language in babies occurs when they start
an obstacle to solving a problem
Functional fixedness can become
the population that seems to apply to the problem
The representatives heuristic helps people make decisions based on
combine symbols in original, grammatically correct ways
Most psychologists argue that chimpanzees cannot truly speak a language because the animals cannot
all of the above are closely related to language
what type of thinking is most closely related to language
the language acquisition device
a person's inborn tendency to acquire a language is known as
incorrectly use words that they had used correctly before
Young children who have just learned grammar rules often
divergent thinking
creative problem solving involves
the algorithm
the most reliable approach to solving a problem is
increases children's expertise in their native language
Studies suggest bilingualism
the mental activity involved in communicating information is
try to talk about more things than they have words for
Young children often exhibit the behavior of overextension, in which they
helping a person visualize the best course of action
A balance sheet may help in solving a problem by
during early childhood
Psychologists believe that a second language is most easily learned
picture a specific example of the concept
Prototypes make concepts easier to understand by allowing us to
confirmation bias
in inductive reasoning, the tendency to prove the hypotheses correct is known as
trying an approach that was successfully used with a similar problem
a person's "mental set" tends to make him or her solve problems by
do all of the above
people tend to be overconfident of their reasoning because they
all of the above
A morpheme generally consists of
can still never be sure that it is true in all cases
after scientists collect information to support a theory, they
involved all of the above
psychologist Louis Thurstone believed that a person's intelligence
the seven intelligences described by Howard Gardner
Sensitivity to other people's feelings and the ability to respond to them appropriately are components of
was made up of two main factors
Psychologist Charles Spearman believed that intelligence
spatial reasoning ability
Studies have shown that musical ability maybe linked to
assumed that intelligence increased with age
Alfred Binet designed his aptitude tests for children of different age levels because he
between 90 and 110
About half of the people who take the Wechsler tests score
do all of the above
Intelligence involves the ability to
identify people with very low and very high IQs
One of the main purposes of intelligence tests is to
analytical, creative, and practical abilities
Robert Sternberg's model of intelligence includes
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Mildly retarded adults are often able to
a bell curve
The distribution of IQ scores on a graph look like
severely retarded
Constant supervision and care is required for people who are
all of the above
mental retardation is caused by
verbal and performance skills
The Wechsler scales consist of subtests that measure
identical twins
Kinship studies have shown that the groups with the most similar IQ scores were
influence the development of a child's intelligence
The home environment and styles of parenting
do all of the above
The Seattle Study found that intelligence can be maintained among older adults if they
biological parents
Most adoptee studies show that the IQs of adopted children are more like those of their
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Graduates of Head Start centers are more likely to
About half of psychologists surveyed believe that the difference in IQ scores among people are the result of both the environment and