15 terms

Quarter 4: 7th grade

Conflict Minerals:
Any minerals that are mined without regard to human rights or labor laws.
Casino economy
In poor communities that are exploited to mine for conflict minerals, people give up working paying jobs in hopes of "making it big" and finding a large stone.
AIDS Epidemic
Global issue where AIDS hit Sub-Saharan Africa harder than any other place in the world due to extreme poverty.
Child Soldiers
Millions of children throughout the continent of Africa who have been recruited to aid rebel militia groups.
Mass killing of a particular religion, race, ethnicity, etc.
Human rights
Universal rights and should be upheld by every government around the world.
Labor rights
Rights such as better wages, and safer working conditions.
Women's rights
Gender equality, rights for women.
A system of interconnectedness. It has led to the development of new technologies and modernization of nations worldwide.
Black and Asian people in South Africa had no rights and were often treated poorly.
The white South Africans people who were Originally Dutch and British.
Nelson Mandela
Worked against the oppression of the Afrikaner government's apartheid policies.
Refusal to buy certain goods. and to economically pressure businesses or governments for change.
Labor Union
Employees in some fields can join a workers group /union to lobby for higher pay and fair treatment.
Too many people.