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  1. الاختصار
  2. تماسك
  3. نطاق
  4. بسطاء
  5. مسائل
  1. a simple (pl.)
  2. b girdle, belt; limit, boundary; scope, domain; range
  3. c to be cohesive, cohere, hold or stick together
  4. d problems, questions
  5. e the abbreviation, abridgment; taking a short cut

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  1. to direct (oneself) toward, head in (a direction)
  2. the increase, growth, intensification
  3. as much as possible
  4. mind, capacity of attention
  5. field, area; (city) square

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  1. سراعsimple (pl.)


  2. افتقر إلىto lack, be in need of


  3. إجاباتanswers (VN IV)


  4. ميزةlogic


  5. معاجمgirdle, belt; limit, boundary; scope, domain; range