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Who was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1962? Why?
Watson, Crick, and Wilkins for their groundbreaking work on DNA
How is Rosalind Franklin portrayed in Watson's book?
As a character called Rosy said to be bad-tempered and a data-hoarder
What age did Rosalind Franklin die?
Where did Franklin win a scholarship? Why?
To study chemistry and physics at Cambridge University
What is X-ray crystallography?
A technique that can reveal the hidden atomic structure of matter in its crystalline form
Franklin joined the war effort doing research on what?
What did Franklin's war experiments lead to?
A better gas mask
Lab workers, including Franklin, were periodically checked for what?
Overexposure to radiation
When undecided about whether to live in France or England, who did Franklin console? Who was this person?
Dorothy Hodgkin, a renowned crystallographer and one of only ten women to win a Nobel Prize
Where was Franklin offered a position upon returning to England?
King's College, a highly prestigious research center
Where was James Watson offered a job?
There Watson was assigned to an office with someone else—who?
Francis Crick, a physicist turned crystallographer
What did Franklin discover?
That there were two forms of DNA
The X shape in the middle of the B form of DNA is the diffraction, signature of what?
A helix
What approach did Watson and Crick use to solving the structure of DNA?
Model building
The number of lines in photo 51 shows what?
That each twist of the helix has 10 units, or molecular building blocks
Who discovered that DNA always contains equal amounts of adenine and thymine, as well as equal amounts of cytosine and guanine?
Erwin Chargaff
What does Watson discover?
That if he pairs A with T and C with G, the bases form the connecting rungs in a twisting ladder in the inside of a double helix
What was Franklin diagnosed with? What is the speculated cause?
Ovarian cancer from her work with X-rays