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Identifying Sentence Errors English Final


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Her sister and her are now employed at Beef Barn as cooks.
While dad slept the toddlers wrote on the walls with crayons.
While dad slept
An important function of helicopters are search and rescue.
The mechanic told Bill and I that the car was not finished.
Greg only threw the shot put twenty feet.
Greg threw the shot put only twenty feet.
Larry said that he had personally designed the web pages with the help of himslef and his employees.
Help of himself
I didnt do nothing for the last ten minutes but argue with my sister.
Nothing for the last ten minutes.
Problems with aggressive wildlife often begins with aggressive human beings.
Wildlife often begins
Hot and full of sick people, the patients in the front room were given their flu shots.
Hot and full of sick people.
Proponents for the construction of a new intrastate expressway includes at least four people known to be affiliated with organized crime operations.
My oldest sister, Marilyn a talented commercial artist, is also a registered nurse.
Sister, Marilyn.
Arguing with a professor in class will wreck havoc with your grade.
If the repaired car were ready to be driven, we would of taken it home.
Would of-would have.
The nurse suddenly jumps when the doctor walked through the door to the operarting room.
Suddenly jumps.
I do not like Shelly playing the stereo so loudly in the car.
Shelly playing-shelly's playing
If Janine's sweater was made of better material, it wouldn't have frayed so easily.
Was made
Jenna always argues with ehr dad because they never agree to each other about anything.
Agree to each other-agree with each other
Fishermen must handle bait very carefully because you could get stuck on the hook.
Very carefully
The most perfect ending of the well-publicized movie we attended was a great surprise to us.
Most perfect ending.
My advise to you is to go down to the police station and surrender before this gets any more complicated.
None of the friends in ther lower apartment was injured when the water burst through the ceiling.
No error
Bring with you only necessary clothing, leave your blankets at home.
Clothing, leave
Today, less than 25 million Americans work in thre fields to produce fruits and vegetables.
Today, less than
When I told you I had no plans for the weekend, I did not mean to infer that I didn't want to plan anything.
Mean to infer
Although she admits she has never seen one, my Aunt Margaret says she believes in angles anyway.
Believes in angles anyways
When people buy cell phones, you should be able to afford the roaming charges.
You should
The psychiatrist found Marguerite to have no self-confidence in herself whatsoever.
We thought it was bazaar to see Marvin wear his toupee backwards, but he seemed to think it was cute.
No error
The next time that you go to the office store, I would like you to get me these kind of pens.
That you go-?
If Bob had begun the inspection earlier, he would have completed the required repairs before the general's visit.
No error-?