Chapter 7 Quiz


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strain theory
states that deviance is more likely to occur when a gap exists between cultural goals and the ability to achieve these goals by legitimate means Ex. African American culture, how there are more of them in prison
merton's theories
deviance is more likely to occur when there is a gap between culturally desirable goals such as money and prestige. believes in conformity
conflict theory
states that compliance with social norms requires strong bonds between individuals and society. if bonds are weak deviance occurs
differential association theory
crime predictive. people come to have differential access to criminal values through interactions with different people. criminal behavior is learned the same way law abiding behavior is learned
labeling theory
society creates deviance by identifying particular members as deviant
undesirable trait or label used to characterize an individual
social control
ways to encourage conformity to society's norms
internal social control
within the individual. when you act on something because you know that it's right
external social control
social sanctions. rewards or punishments that encourage conformity to social norms
negative deviance
involves behavior that underconforms to accepted norms. Ex : killing
positive deviance
involves behavior that overconforms to social expectations. Ex : killing in war