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Intro to Computer Systems for HIT: System Selection and Implementation (Ch 5)

system acquisition, strategic plan, implemented, stays on target
The information systems project steering committee is responsible for _______ and ensures that _______ is being efficiently and effectively _____ and that the project _____.
chief information officer
This person is responsible for all information resource management functions at the facility.
project manager
This person is responsible for coordinating the individual project, monitoring the budget, managing resources, conducting negotiations, and keeping the project on schedule.
user task force
The group who tests the system and performs other project related tasks for which the committee receives feedback.
feasibility study
The process that outlines the cost, benefits, and disadvantages of the proposed systems is the _______.
critical path
The PERT chart shows if there is slippage in the implementation date. This slippage is shown by _____.
The coding supervisor performs a monthly audit of coding quality. Is this a project?
integrated systems, interfaced systems
_____ are designed to work together, and _____ must be linked.
I am configuring settings. This falls into what stage of the system development life cycle?
I am collecting data as part of the system analysis function. If I want to get the most system users involved as possible, which would be the BEST method of data collection?
request for proposal
I have asked a vendor for detailed written information on their product. This would be ______.
reference check
I am calling six hospitals that use XYZ's EHR. This is an example of ______.
What problems do you encounter with the existing hospital information system? Is this an open or closed questions?
Our new system is operated on a computer that is physically located at a remote location for our facility. We pay a monthly fee to the company that owns the computer and in return they manage our system for us. This is _____.
payment milestone
The vendor will be paid 20 percent of the negotiated amount of the contract at the time of the contract signing. This is an example of ______.
Hospital should not be tough in contract negotiation and insist on obtaining the software code. Instead, it would be best served by ____.
highest number of points
If a point system is used during the evaluation process, it is not necessarily the case that the system with the ______ is the best system and chosen.
key functions
When using a point system for evaluation, it may be that a vendor may have the overall highest score, but have low scores in ______.
weighted system
A point system where each function would be listed along with a score showing how important the functionality is.
True or false. System design must be more detailed for evaluation of software for purchase than for an in house developed product.
An interface engine is an example of _____.
The type of testing where both the old system and the new system are operating at the same time is _____.
trouble ticket
The form used to report problems with the new system is frequently called _____.
The implementation stage that looks at the way the business does business is called _____.
For this type of testing, the system is tested in an environment as close to the real thing as possible.
This type of testing confirms that the computer system and the network can handle the large amount of users and data.
The go live model where the old system is stopped and the new system used is _____.
Adult learners need to be able to see _____.
short sessions
System training should be broken into _____ for healthcare professional.
The implementation stage where the team determines what they could have done better is ______.
I am collecting data from system users regarding their needs. I must be in which stage of the system life cycle?
data is stored differently, data collection
We are implementing a new information system that will require conversion of healthcare data. This conversion is required when _____ or changes are being made to _____.
I do not want to drag out the implementation of our new lab system. Which go live strategy is the quickest?
We are revising three screens and creating two new reports. Which of the following statements is true? Does this meet the definition of a project?
scope creep
We started out developing a simple database to collect patient satisfaction data. It became more and more complex. This is an example of:
convert the data
In our new system, the service is stored as a three character alphabetic field. Our old system stores it as a two digit number. What do I need to do?
We are scheduled to implement a new financial information system in six months. Which of the following implementation model is the safest for the organization?
We are conducting a site visit for an EHR that we are considering buying. This is an example of a(n):
In order to determine what the users need in an information system, I should utilize a(n)
request for proposal
I need to learn about the vendor's financial status, the number of installs of the information system, sample resumes, and more. I need to review the:
evaluation of the implementation and maintenance
Once the system is operational and is working well you still need to do an _____.
follow the lead
Its important to get the support from the CEO for the proposed EHR because other in the organization _____ of the CEO.
We just completed acceptance testing and wrote a final check to cover payment for the system. This must have met a:
be involved, stakeholders
The HIM Director should _____ in the decision for the EHR but other _____ should be involved too.
We are using an interactive process to develop the system. We are using:
implementation will be delayed
When you say the critical path has slipped, that means _____.
best of breed
I refuse to settle for a substandard information system. I want the best of the best. What strategy will I utilize?
objective method
Our selection committee is at a stalemate on the system to purchase. To prevent this, we should have developed _____ of selection.
setting configuration
I am entering the number of days after which the bill drops, the services we perform, and other information about how we want the system to perform. What part of the implementation are we performing?
True or False. I am a project manager. My job includes keeping the project on target, change management and software programming.
True or false. All hospital employees should receive training on the EHR being implemented.
True or false. Vendor X vows that they have the copyright to sell the software. This is an example of a warranty.
force majeure
An ice storm prevented the implementation of an EHR on the date specified on the contract. The vendor penalties were not applied. This is called _____.
True or false. Our system is implemented as of last night. All that is left is the conversion testing.
feasibility, budget, goals and objectives, project manager and project team, build and maintain the system, integrated and interfaced systems, buy in, management and users
The planning process involves conducting _____, setting the _____, establishing ____, identifying _____, determining who will ______, choosing between _____, and obtaining _____ from ____.
system selection, implementation, cost of maintaining the system, specified period of time
When setting the budget for a system, it should include _____ and ____ expenses as well as _______ for a ______.
evaluated regularly, goals and objectives
Once the system is implemented, it should be _____ thereafter as to whether the system met and will continue to meet _____.
project management
A formal set of principles and procedures that help control the activities associated with implementing a usually large undertaking to achieve a specific goal.
application service provider
A third party service company that delivers, manages and remotely hosts standardized applications software via a network through an outsourcing contract based on fixed, monthly usage or transaction based pricing.
A IS that might be appropriate for a facility that does not have staff with the necessary skills to develop and maintain an IS system.
control over the system
A disadvantage of an ASP format is that the user may not have ____.
take longer to develop, detailed, upgrade the system, meet the needs
The disadvantages to the facility building its own system is that is might _____, the planning must be more ____ than if purchasing system, and if the facility loses the staff that developed the system, it may be difficult to _____ to ______ of the facility over time.
faster to implement, research, development, customer support
If an organization purchased predeveloped software system, it would be _____, and the facility would benefit from ____ and ____ conducted by the vendor. It also allows _____.
alpha site
The first healthcare facility to implement the information system.
beta site
These are the next few healthcare facilities who subsequently implement an IS system.
best of fit
The decision to purchase software from a single vendor is called ___.
Applications and systems that are designed to work together. They collect, store, and retrieve information from the same database and support each other.
integrated system
MS Office is an example of _____.
interfaced system
In this type of information system, the products are not designed to work together, but are linked.
This takes data from one system and plugs that data into another system acting as a bridge between two systems/databases to translate data into each system's respective language.
choose the products, single vendors
Facilities choose to use interfaced system because the users can ____ they want instead of choosing ____ product.
functionality, vendor, interface
Facilities most frequently choose systems by _____ rather than ____ and then _______ the systems together.
specific objective, series of activities, tasks, start and stop date
A project is a plan and course of action that will address a ______, made up of a ______ and _____, with a defined ______.
purpose of the system, links, business strategy, goals and scope
When identifying and defining the project, the facility must identify the _____, how the system ____ to ______, and the ______ of the project.
This determines exactly what work is and is not to be included in the project based on the resources available.
Gantt chart
This records specific tasks, their start and end dates, the person responsible for the tasks and any connections between the tasks.
Pert chart
This evaluates the tasks, dependencies, on other activities, activity sequence, and time required to complete the task.
initiation, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance/evaluation
The SDLC has what five steps?
The structured process used to identify, investigate, design, select, and implement information sytems.
system analysis
SDLC is a part of the _____ step of system selection.
In SDLC, this step is where the facility decides to acquire a specific information system and reviews the current processes, the proposed processes, and the desired functional requirements.
functional requirements
This describes what, not how, nor to what degree of accuracy, nor to what format.
systems analysis
In SDLC, this step is the process of collecting, organizing, and evaluating data about IS requirements and the environment in which the system will operate.
first step
Systems analysis is generally the ____ in SDLC after the decision to implement the system has been made.
system analysis
The process of studying organizational operations and determining information systems requirements for a given application.
In this phase of SDLC, the standards upon which the system will be evaluated and selected are identified (includes functionality, type of system, etc.)
ongoing basis
The system should be evaluate on _____ in order to ensure that the IS continues to meet the needs of the organization.
request for information
A formal document that asks the information system vendor for basic information about the product and how their information system would meet the requirements outlined in the document.
request for proposal
This document gives the vendor all the information needed to propose an information system that meets the need of the facility. It describes what system is needed, how many people will be using the system and how the system will be used.
bidders conference
This is a meeting for vendors to come to the healthcare facility to ask questions about the RFP, the facility, etc.
mandatory, desirable, luxury
Functional requirements should be designated as _____, ____, or ____.
on site demonstrations, site visits, review of RFP, reference checks
The evaluation of proposed systems should include ____, ___, ____, and ____.
on site demonstration
This is when the vendor brings its produce to the facility and give project team members and users a chance to view the product and ask questions of the sales team.
site visit
When a small group of team members visit a facility which has the product implemented in order to ask questions of the facility staff and observe the system in use, it is called _____.
True or false. If it is found that the vendor does not have the right to sell the software, then the vendor is legally responsible. This is an example of a warranty.
True or false. Information systems will be available 99 percent of the time. This is an example of a warranty.
entire negotiated amount, large percentage
Healthcare facilities should never pay ____ or _____ up front for system.
payment milestones
This is an action that once occurring triggers payment to the vendor - it is usually a specified percent of the total cost of the system.
acceptance testing
A significant percentage of the payment should be held until ____ is complete.
This is a situation in which a third party holds a copy of the software in case the vendor goes bankrupt.
acceptance testing
This is a critical part of the IS implementation because it establishes whether the terms of the contract have been met regarding performance and functionality.
file server, computer storage component
The most critical piece of hardware is the ____ or _____.
user preparation
This involves providing users with enough information about the system being implemented so that they are prepared both psychologically and through training to use the system.
setting configuration
The entry of the desired behaviors of the system into tables or setting fields.
data conversion
The process where data is copied from the existing system, manipulated into the format required by the new system, and entered into the new system.
blame the modification, refuse to work
Facilities should not customize the software beyond what is already built into the system because the vendor might _____ and ____ on the system.
service agreement
Facilities should not customize the software beyond what is already built into the system because the vendor may not give the facility a _____.
check the modifications, affected by the new update
Facilities should not customize the software beyond what is already built into the system because, every time the facility receives a software update from vendor, the staff will have to _____ to see if they are _____.
screen design
Developing screens of an information system to meet the needs of the user and to promote job efficiency.
logical flow, facilitate data entry
When designing screens, the field should be in ____ to _____.
left to right, top to bottom
The flow of data entry on a screen should be from _____ and _____.
simple to use, standardized terminology, facilitate data entry, training, data quality
Screens should be ____ and have a ____ across screens to _____, ____ and _____.
The zone between different computer systems across which users want to pass information; it allows the linking of two or more systems together enabling them to share data,
interface engine
Conversion of data can be performed by an ______ which allows two applications to exchange information without having to build a customized interface for each application.
Software and hardware that connects application.
Reevaluating the way the facility does business in order to improve efficiency.
responsible, decisions, experienced, know why, see relevance, ready, motivated to learn
When training adults, one needs to remember that adults like being ______ for their _____; are ______; need to _____ and ______; need to be _____ and _____.
training will be needed, type of training, expert, new system
The trainer needs to know when ______, the ______ needed, and be _____ on _____.
training schedule, learning objectives, agenda, content, divided into sessions
The training plan should contain a ______, establish _____, outline the ____, address the ______, and how training will be _____.
This type of testing ensures that data from the feeder system are transferred into the new system in the correct field and right format.
This type of testing ensures that computers, printers, and scanners (among other things) work together as they should.
This type of testing ensures that every function of the new computer system works and that the system meet the functional requirements and other specifications in the RFP or contract.
This type of testing ensure that that instructions, including user guides, policies and procedures, and training materials, are accurate.
This type of testing ensures that the team is able to transfer data from the old system to the new system.
This type of testing ensures that the training materials works.
This type of testing gets as many people as possible to use the system at one time possible in order to confirm that the computer system and the network can handle large amounts of users and data.
This type of testing is when the facility runs the old and the new system simultaneously and compares the reports and data from the two systems to validate performance and synchronization.
This type of testing verifies that the system is working as expected in a live environment; that it meets response time, functional requirements, and other standards guaranteed in the contract.
This type of go live model runs the new system with the older system in place at the same time.
This type of go live model is the most expensive and labor intensive.
For this type of go live model, implementation starts with one module of the system and then gradually other modules are added
This type of go live model probably takes the longest to complete.
For this type of go live model, the system is implemented in only one department or unit at a time. Once consistently successful, the next group is implemented.
For this type of go live model, the facility stops using the old system and starts using the new system.
This type of go live model is the most risky.
initial, ongoing
When going live, you need to have both ______ and ____ support.
functions, intended, did or did not work, improve the next implementation, goals, budget
The purpose of system evaluation is to determine whether they system _______ in the way ____. It involves learning what _____ and determine how they can _____. Finally, it involves finding out if the facility met _____ and if the project came in on ____.
system evaluation
After the system is implemented and functioning, the implementation team needs to do _____.
The final step of the implementation process is _____.
system, environment
Major computer systems will have a test _____ or _____.
test environment
This is an exact duplicate of the system in use, excluding data, where changes can be made to the system and tested to see what happens.
no down payment, tax benefit, immediate write off, upgrades
The four benefits of leasing a system are:
interoperability, interfacing
HIE will offer _____ services and help with ______ systems.