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Missouri compromise
Missouri entered the union as a slave state; Maine entered the union as a free state
compromise of 1850
California entered the union as a free state. southwest territories would decide the slavery issue or themselves.
Kansas Nebraska act
people in each state would decide the slavery issue.
Favored tariffs
against slavery
nation can't be divided
central government supreme
against tariffs
Depended on slavery
states rights
Agricultural farming
Frederick Douglas
Former slave/abolishionist
Abraham Lincoln
President of the united states, issued emmancipation proclaimation, delivered the gettysburg address, believed the US was one nation, and not just a collection of states, was determined to preserve the union by force if necessary.
Jefferson Davis
President of the confederate states of america
Ulysses S Grant
general of the union army
Thomas stone wall jackson
skilled confederate general from Virginia
Robert E lee
Leader of the army for the confederacy, offered command of the union forces but decided not to fight against VA. Opposed secession but did not think the union should be held together by force. Urged southerners to reunite with the country after the war.
Fredrick douglas
former slave/abolitonist
South secession
Because lincoln was elected president.
Fort Sumter
First shots fired during the civil war (south).
Battle of Bull Run
First major battle,
Battle of vicksburg
Split the south in 2 and gave the union control of the Mississippi River.
Battle of Gettysburg
Turning point battle, fought for control of the high ground. Only time Lee invaded the north.
Appomatox Courthouse
Lee surrendered to grant ending the war.
Union strategy
Capture RIchmond, blockade southern ports, take control of the Mississippi River
Emancipation Proclaimation
Issued by Lincoln and freed the slaves.
Bordered States
States with slavery that remained in the union- Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware, Maryland.
Which 2 cities were burned at the end of the civil war?
Richmond, Atlanta
How much was confederate money?
What side did African Americans fight on?
Both sides
What was the major killer?
What is Richmond?
The capitol of the confederacy
What is Washington DC?
Capitol of the union
West VA
Became a state during the civil war because the western counties of VA did not want to seceed.

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