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a large land mass that is a major part or juts out from a continent.

alluvial plains

areas created by soil deposits from rivers, fertile, rich, heavily populated.

Name two rivers with alluvial plains...

Indus and Ganges Rivers...

cash crop

crop that is raised or gathered to be sold for money or the local or world market.

What are some possible problems with cash crops?

When cash crop prices fall, farmers do not earn enough money


to produce a variety of goods so that if one fails, the owner or group of people is not sunk...

The Himalayas form a _______barrier


How high can the Himalayas range be?

5.5+ miles

Name three major rivers of life in South Asia...

Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra River

Why are South Asia's rivers so important?

carry water and minerals to support farming, plains around rivers are fertile and heavily populated.

Monsoons are seasonal_________ that bring _________?

winds/ rain or dry, cool air depending on the season

Monsoons work their way in which direction during the Summer and bring what?

from SW and bring rain

Winter monsoons come from where and bring what?

NE and bring dry, cold air

South Asia is what percent rural?


Where do most of the rural people live in South Asia?

In fertile river valleys

Name some resources found in South Asia...

Iron ore, coal, copper, limestone, aluminum

What two forms of power does India rely heavily on?

Hydroelectric and Nuclear....


in the Hindu religion, a social group into which people are born and which they cannot change; each group with assigned jobs.


a territory ruled by another nation.


a refuels to buy or use goods and services to show disapproval or bring about change.


a division into parts or portions.

What are the two religions developed here?

Buddhism and Hinduism

What are the four levels of the caste system?

preists and the educated; rulers and warriors; farmers, artisans, and merchants; and laborers.

What was one of the greatest biuldings Shah Jahan built?

Taj Mahal

How long did th British own India?

200 years

What did Ghandi want for his people and what did he do to refuse?

independece, non- violence, peacful, boycott

Why was there a partition?

Mualims feared that their right s wouldn't be protected in land where Hindus were, so fight a came along so Muslims could become majority.

What countris are fighting to get Kashmir?

India and Pakistan

What is the problem with nuclear weapons in Pakistan and India?

concerns U.S and other countries.Threat of conflict.

what percent of Hinduism?


What percent speak Hindi?


What language is one of the 15 regognizd languages by the indian government?



a long period of dry weather

green revolution

a worlwide effort to increase food production in developing countries.


able to support ones own needs without any outside assistance.


a river that flows into a larger river.

What are three main water supplies?

Indus river, monsoons rains, and slow melting glaciers.

What worlds largest system did Pakistan build?

irragation system

What type of ecomnomy is Pakistan based on?


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