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What Army Regulation covers leaves and passes?

AR 600-8-10

Can a three day pass be given during the normal duty week such as Tuesday through and Thursday?


What is the difference between an accrued leave and an advanced leave?

Accrued leave is a leave earned and advanced leave is granted prior to actual accrual of leave time

What is a DA Form 31

Request and authority for leave (A Leave Form)

Is a pass a right or a privilege?

A pass is a individuals privilege (not a right) awarded to deserving soldiers by their commanders

What is the Form DA Form 4179R?

Leave Control Log

What does the term "terminal leave" mean?

Leave in conjunction with termination of service

How many days are soldiers allowed to take leave after pregnancy and childbirth?

42 Days

In reference to the above question: If a soldier voluntarily decides to return to work after less than 42 days of leave, what must happen?

A physician must approve

What is the difference between an annual (ordinary) leave and a convalescent leave?

An annual is charged against a Soldier's leave account and a convalescent leave is not, because it is part of the treatment prescribed.

Can a pass be taken in conjunction with a leave?


Is administrative absence chargeable as leave?


What is the maximum number of days which may be taken for a "Reenlistment Leave?"

90 days, provided advance leave does exceed 30 days

When is, or for what reason is, an administrative absence authorized?

To attend or participate in activities of semi-official nature to the benefit of the Department of the Army (DA)

Can a four day pass be obtained during the week such as Monday through Thursday?

No. A four day pass must include two non-duty days

When is emergency leave authorized?

Emergency leave is granted to soldiers for an emergency within his immediate family

Is emergency leave a nonchargeable leave?

No, emergency leave is a chargeable leave granted for a personal or family emergency requiring the soldier's presence.

Who pays for emergency leave air transportation?

The soldier's commander pays IAW Army budget procedures.

Is emergency leave transportation authorized to the soldier's emergency location?

No, emergency leave is authorized to the first Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD) closest to the emergency location

Who is the approval authority for PTDY?

The installation or equivalent commander is the approval authority for PTDY

Is a Soldier authorized PTDY under the Transitional Assistance Program at Permanent Change of Station (PCS)?

No, soldiers being reassigned because of PCS are authorized 10 days PTDY (IAW AR 600-8-10, Chapter 5, paragraph 5-32f.)

Can PTDY be taken in combination with ordinary leave?

No, soldiers may not use PTDY in combination with ordinary leave. The soldier must complete a duty day between the two periods of leave.

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