20 terms

Badminton Rules

How to start a Badminton Game
Coin Flip- Winning team decides who serves and othere team picks the side they are on.
5 things that describe a legal serve
Contact made below the waist,has to be diagonal,in right serve / receive box,behind short receive line,say score
What score do we go up to in Men's and Co-Ed Game?
What score do we go up to in Women's Game?
What happens when Men and Co-Ed tie at 13?
The first one that reached 13 decides whether the game goes to 15 or 18 points.
What happens when Men and Co-Ed tie at 14?
the first person that gets to 14 decides if game goes to 15 or 17 points
What happens when Women tie at 9 or 10?
they can choose to go to 11 or 12.
A tie is badminton is called?
a set
Tie breaking is called?
A Re-do is called what?
a let
what are three examples of a let?
hits the basketball net and bounces off.hits bleachers and bounces off.hits net and bounces back into play.
Do you score if you arent the server?
no you must be serving to score.
Give 3 examples of hindering a return.
getting in opponents face;yelling;getting too close to the net
You get a point if your opponent....
doesnt return serve; shuttle goes out of bounces on their return;hit shuttle more than once;touch net with racket or any part of the body;carry the shuttle;hinder your return;cross the net;if shuttle toouches anything other than the racket;fail to keep feet on floor when serving and recieving.
Height at center of net
5 feet
height of net at pole
5 feet 1 inch
distance from net to short service line
6.6 feet
does the side alley exist in singles game?
no only exist in doubles game
what is the farthest back line called?
singles back boundary line
What is the second farthest back line called?
doubles back boundary line