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Real Reading 1 Chapter 2 - Phelps's Feet


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flat (adj.)
smooth and level, without raised or hollow areas, and not sloping or curving
forward (adv.)
towards a place or position that is in front of you
kick (n.)
a movement of your foot or leg, usually to hit something with your foot
natural (adj.)
having a particular quality or skill without needing to be taught and without needing to try hard
power (n.)
the physical strength or effect of something
special (adj.)
not ordinary or usual, but different in some way and often better or more important
stretch (v.)
to straighten your arms, legs, or body to full length
surface (n.)
the top layer of an area of water or land
wave (n.)
a line of raised water that moves across the surface of the sea
win (v.)
to be the best or most successful in a competition, game, election etc

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