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Modern History Chapter 20

The single most powerful European political ideology was?
language, customs, culture, and history
nationalism is based on the concept that a nation is composed
of people who are joined by the bonds of a common:
writers of the Enlightenment
Nineteenth-century liberals derived some of their political ideas from what?
distribution of land
The political goals of 19th century liberals did not include what?
Rights of Man and Citizen
Political liberals found inspiration in the 1789 French Declaration of the?
legitimate monarchies, landed aristocracies, and established churches
Which of the following correctly identifies the major pillars of 19th-century conservatism?
Baden, Bavaria, and Württemberg
Although their provisions were limited in scope, these three German states granted constitutions after 1815
temporarily suspended habeas corpus and extended existing laws against seditious gatherings
In December 1816, an unruly mass meeting took place near London. As a result of this disturbance, Parliament did what?
. prevent radical leaders from agitating and to give the authorities new powers
The Six Acts attempted to
constitutional monarch
Louis XVIII agreed to become a
hereditary monarchy and a bicameral legislature
The Charter provided for a
Russia, Austria, Prussia, and Great Britain
The major powers at the Congress of Vienna included
new informal arrangement for resolving mutual foreign policy issues
The Concert of Europe refers to the
Ferdinand VII
He was placed on the Spanish throne after Napoleon's downfall and although he promised to govern according
to a written constitution, he ignored his pledge
George Canning
He supported the American Monroe Doctrine in 1823 and is credited with the successful conclusion of the War
of Jenkins's Ear
Turkish recognition of Greek independence and that the Turks allow Britain, France, and Russia to decide the future of Greece
The Treaty of London, signed in 1827, demanded what 2 things?
. In 1830, the Ottoman sultan formally granted independence to who?
The wars of the French Revolution, particularly those of Napoleon
This event sparked movements for independence from European domination throughout Latin America?
Between 1791 and 1804 this French colony achieved independence
Most of Latin America achieved independence by when?
Toussaint L'Ouverture
He imposed an authoritarian constitution on Haiti and made himself Governor-General for life, but he preserved
formal ties with France
left Brazil a monarchy for another 67 years
Independence in Brazil ended up doing what?
Which slave-led rebellion became the first successful assault on colonial government in Latin
The Latin American colonial revolutions generally led to what type of social results
liberalism and nationalism
Tsar Alexander turned away from reform and at home and abroad took the lead in suppressing
Russian occupation of France
Which of the following events illustrated to Russian soldiers how backward and politically stifled their own
nation remained?
Northern Society
This secret society was more moderate and favored constitutional monarchy and the abolition of serfdom, but
wanted to protect the interests of the aristocracy
Decembrist Revolt
Although this revolt failed completely, it was the first rebellion in modern Russian history whose instigators had
specific political goals
Nicholas I
Who stated "there is no doubt that serfdom, in its present form, is a flagrant evil which everyone realizes, yet to
attempt to remedy it now would be, of course, an evil more disastrous"?
The Russian Tsar was king of this country and frequently infringed on the constitution and quarreled with its diet
They hoped to secure commercial interests on the continent
Why did Great Britain support independence in Latin America?
Louis Philippe was called the king of the who?
On August 25, 1830, disturbances broke out where after the performance of an opera about a
rebellion in Naples against Spanish rule