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Animal & Plant Cells - Mr. Hernandez, MSD - 5th Grade

Animal and Plant Cells MSD, 5th Grade - Mr. Hernandez Review
All organisms have are made of this. It's the smallest living part of an organism.
Plant cells
Have a cell wall and chloroplasts. Plant cells can make their own food.
Animal cells
Have a cell membrane, not a cell wall. Animal cells can move.
How animal and plant cells are different
Plant cells have a cell wall and can make their own food. Animal cells have a cell membrane and can move.
How animal and plant cells are alike
Both have a nucleus.
Controls everything that the cell does.
Store food and water in the cell. Some store wastes until the cell can get rid of them.
Jellylike "soup" that fills most of the cell. Other cell structures float in here.
Cell membrane
Soft and flexible outside layer of animal cells that can move.
Cell wall
Outside layer of plant cells that is firm and cannot move. Gives plant cells a boxy shape.
A membrane bound structure that is the basic unit of life.
Cell wall
A rigid structure that surrounds the cells of plants.
Make food for the plant. Hold chlorophyll that give plants their green color. Uses energy to combine water and carbon dioxide to make glucose, a kind of sugar.
Powerhouse of the cell, combine oxygen with the glucose.
DNA, located inside the nucleus
Makes you who you are
Occurs in the chloroplast of plant cells. Makes food/energy for the plant.
The __________ is the area a between the cell membrane and the nucleus. It contains a gel-like fluid.
The_________ is found inside the cytoplasm. It directs all of the cell's activities, including reproduction.
________are the power houses" of the cell because they produce most of the energy for the cell to carry out its functions.
Cell Membrane
SInce a animal cell does not have a wall, the __ _____ forms a barrier between the cytoplasm and the enviroment. There is tiny pores that allow harmful waste to leave the cell and food and oxygen to enter.

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