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What would be the approximate weight gain of a person who consumes an excess of 500 kcalories daily for ten days?
a. 0.5 lb
b. 2 lbs
c. 3 lbs
d. 1.4 lbs
3500 kcal approximately 1 pound

1.4 pounds

When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight, approximately how much of this weight is fat?
a. 5 lbs
b. 7.5 lbs
c. 9.5 lbs
d. 10 lbs
75% fat 25% lean

7.5 pounds

Approximately what percentage of weight loss during starvation is lean body mass?
a. 0
b. 20
c. 35
d. 50


In an adult who gains 10 pounds of excess body weight, about how much of this is lean tissue?
a. 0 lbs
b. 2 lbs
c. 5 lbs
d. 10 lbs

2 pounds

What instrument is used to measure the energy content of foods?
a. Energy chamber
b. Exothermic meter
c. Bomb calorimeter
d. Combustion chamber

bomb calorimeter

Which of the following describes an association between energy measurement and foods?
a. Indirect calorimetry cannot be used to determine the energy value of alcohol
b. A bomb calorimeter measures the amount of oxygen released when a food is oxidized
c. Direct calorimetry and indirect calorimetry of the same food rarely give similar values
d. The physiological fuel value of a food is almost always lower than the energy value of that food as determined by bomb calorimetry

The physiological fuel value of a food is almost always lower than the energy value of that food as determined by bomb calorimetry

Which of the following correctly identifies a specific food intake behavior?
a. A physiological need to eat is called satiety
b. A pleasurable desire for food is called hunger
c. An intense feeling of hunger is called insatiable nervosa
d. A desire to eat without feelings of hunger is called appetite

A desire to eat without feelings of hunger is called appetite

The desire to eat a slice of chocolate cake after consuming a very large meal is an example of behavior known as
a. satiety.
b. hunger.
c. appetite.
d. pigging out.


Which of the following hormones is most responsible for signaling satiety as well as reducing food intake during a meal?
a. Gastrin
b. Adipokines
c. Neuropeptide Y
d. Cholecystokinin


About how long does it take for a meal to be completely eliminated from the stomach?
a. 30 minutes
b. 1.5 hours
c. 4 hours
d. 8 hours

4 hours

What is the most satiating macronutrient?
a. Fat
b. Water
c. Protein
d. Carbohydrate


The day after Thanksgiving, you and your sisters are a little hungry and want to eat leftovers before going shopping. Which of the following foods would most readily satisfy the feeling of hunger?
a. Turkey
b. Pecan pie
c. Mashed potatoes
d. Noodle casserole

turkey/beef stew

High-fat foods stimulate the appetite because they
a. are satiating.
b. are flavorful.
c. suppress salivary gland secretion.
d. trigger the release of oxyntomodulin.

are satiating

All of the following are characteristics of neuropeptide Y EXCEPT
a. it stimulates appetite.
b. it reduces fat storage.
c. it is synthesized in the brain.
d. it increases carbohydrate cravings

it reduces fat storage

Which of the following describes the process of thermogenesis?
a. Burning of fat
b. Synthesis of fat
c. Generation of heat
d. Generation of water

generation of heat

Which of the following does NOT decrease the metabolic rate?
a. Fever
b. Fasting
c. Sleeping
d. Malnutrition


What fraction of the day's energy expenditure of the average person is represented by the basal metabolism?
a. About 1/10
b. Up to 1/2
c. About 2/3
d. Over 9/10

about 2/3

What is the approximate daily basal metabolism of a 110-pound woman? Rule women 23kcal*kg/day; men 24kcal/kg/day
a. 500 kcal
b. 1100 kcal
c. 1500 kcal
d. 2000 kcal

1100 kcal

Which of the following factors has the most influence on the body's metabolic rate?
a. Age
b. Gender
c. Amount of fat tissue
d. Amount of lean body tissue

amount of lean body tissue

What is the approximate value for the thermic effect of a 2500-kcalorie diet?
a. 25 kcal
b. 250 kcal
c. 400 kcal
d. 500 kcal

250 kcal

If a dancer and a typist are the same height and have the exact same body build, the dancer will be heavier because she has
a. more body fat.
b. stronger bones.
c. stronger muscles.
d. more muscle mass.

more muscle mass

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of metabolic syndrome?
a. Low blood glucose
b. Low HDL cholesterol
c. Elevated blood pressure
d. High blood triglycerides

low blood glucose

All of the following are features of the health risks associated with excessive body fat EXCEPT
a. obesity is classified as a disease.
b. obese women have elevated levels of estrogen.
c. the risks are higher in black women than in white women.
d. people with a BMI higher than 35 have a high risk of dying prematurely.

the risks are higher in black women than in white women

_____ is second only to _____ in causing premature deaths.
a. Underweight, obesity
b. Tobacco, underweight
c. Tobacco, obesity
d. Obesity, tobacco

obestiy, tobacco

There is a high risk of obesity-related health problems when a man's waist circumference begins to exceed
a. 40 inches.
b. 45.5 inches.
c. 50 inches.
d. 52.5 inches.

40 inches

Intra-abdominal fat is the same as
a. waist fat.
b. visceral fat.
c. lipid profile fat.
d. subcutaneous fat.

visceral fat

Waist circumference can best be used to assess
a. BMI.
b. total body water.
c. abdominal fat stores.
d. subcutaneous fat stores.

abdominal fat stores

What is the most common eating disorder in both males and females?
a. Athlete triad
b. Bulimia nervosa
c. Anorexia nervosa
d. Binge-eating disorder

anorexia nervosa

What term is given to the condition of a female athlete who has an eating disorder and develops amenorrhea and osteoporosis?
a. Female athlete triad
b. Triathlete medical disorder
c. High stress tertiary disorder
d. Non-adaptable training syndrome

female athlete triad

Which of the following is a characteristic of chronic inflammation?
a. It increases the risk for obesity by 50%
b. It is associated with the development of metabolic syndrome
c. It is commonly found in people with a BMI less than 24
d. It enhances insulin sensitivity leading to periodic bouts of hypoglycemia

it is associated with the development of metabolic syndrome

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