Chapter 10; Agreement

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The movie flashdance was brought about based on the story of this lady's life, Marder. Paramount movies and she made a contract that they could do whatever they wanted with the story and paid her 2,300 dollars. The movie made like 150 mil and still makes money. Sony made a music video and song about it so Marder sued but the contract had such general terms that she had essentially taken herself out of any partnership with Paramount and could not get any more money. "A contract is a contract is a contract."
A theory that says the intent to contract is judged by the reasonable person standard and not by the subjective intent of the parties. (e.g. I will buy your building for 2 million dollars is indicative of intent. "Are you interested in selling your building for 2 million?" is not an offer. Again, offers made in jest, anger, or undue excitement do not include the necessary objective intent.