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LA Mr. Hart

Antoine Thomas

A fellow football player of Eric. He is not supposed to play for lake windsnor downs.

Betty Bright

The coach of the Tangerine Middle School soccer team

Erik Fisher

Paul's older brother

Joey Costello

Paul's friend and fellow soccer player.

Kerri Gardner

A girl that goes to Lake Windsor Downs Middle School. Paul has a cush on her.

Luis Cruz

Tino and Theresa older brother. He runs a tangerine grove. He dies at the end of the book

Maya Pandhi

a fellow soccer player at Tangerine Middle School. She is also the top scorer.

Mike Costello

a fellow football player of erics. he is the second line quarterback. he dies of getting struck by lightning

Mr. Donnelly

he lives in the house that has been struck by lightning 3 times. he has a son named terry on the football team. he is a publisher of the tangerine times.

Paul Fisher

the narrator of the story. paul is a goalie for the tangerine middle school soccer team.

Paul's Dad

he starts off as a deputy director of the civil engineering department of tangerine county. he then becomes the direct of it. He only cares about the eric fisher football dream

Paul's Mom

head of the homeowners association in lake windsnor downs

Shandra Thomas

the goalie for the tangerine moddle school soccer team

Theresa Cruz

shows paul around on his first day of school at tangerine middle pauls friend and co-student

Tino Cruz

on the soccer team w/ paul. a friend of pauls

victor guzman

the leader of the tangerine soccer team. a very good scorer.

Aurthur Bauer

Erics best friend. he is the one that kills Luis.

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