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THE RIVER BETWEEN US (book) - Literature Final


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Escape the Civil War because they knew that if the South/Confederate won then they would be made into slaves
Delphine and Calinda come to Grand Tower to ...
Find Noah - a soldier - and bring him back home to Grand Tower because Mama misses him
Delphine and Tilly go to Cairo to ...
Delphine and Tilly care for him and give him medicine
Noah recovers from his injuries because ...
She was afraid people would make fun of her and her son for being black and from the South
Delphine wouldn't raise her own son (Dr. William Hutchings - Howard's father) because ...
What year does the book open?
Dr. William Hutchings
The opening narrator is the son of whom?
St. Louis
Where does Howard live?
Grand Tower
Where do the Pruitt's live?
St. Louis
The book opens in what location?
Who is Tilly's brother?
What year does the second time period begin (when Tilly is the narrator)?
A burial dress
Delphine send what to her mom?
His left arm
Noah gets which limb amputated?
A square dance
What takes place on the steamboat that comes in on the dock?
New Orleans, Louisiana
Where are Delphine and Calinda from (hometown)?
On the eve of his 16th birthday
When does Noah leave for Camp Defiance?
Abraham Lincoln
When Tilly (2nd narrator) begins narrating, which president is inaugurated?
How old is Delphine when Tilly is the narrator?
Howard changes because he learns the truth about his family heritage. He is taught that Delphine and Noah are his true grandparents, not Tilly.
Describe how Howard changes as a result of his experience in Grand Tower.
Delphine and Tilly have a good relationship. They help each other and can relate to each other. Their relationship grew a lot when they were caring for Noah.
Explain the relationship between Delphine and Tilly.
Family Love, Suffering of War, Prejudice, Friendship, and Life in the 1860's.
Name the 5 themes in The River Between Us.
Delphine's secret is that she and Noah had a son together - Dr. William Hutchings but wouldn't raise him because Delphine was from the Soth and was black - so they would be made fun of. They let Tilly "raise" him. It is important because it shows how bias and prejudice can impact family
Describe Delphine's secret. Explain why it so important in the novel's time and place.
The title "The River Between Us" means that the South and North were divided during the Civil War. It fits the novel's theme because it shows how Delphine + Calinda and the Pruitts overcame that separation and learned to grow in family love
Explain what the title means and tell why it fits the novel's theme
Mrs. Hanrahan breaks the dishes that Delphine touched. The symbolism is that Mrs. Hanrahan is racist and bias so she does not want to use anything that Delphine - a black woman - has used
Why did Mrs. Hanrahan break all of the dishes after Delphine leaves? What is the symbolism of this action?
Cass changes because she develops a deeper understanding of the South's culture. She learns the differences in Calinda's life vs. her own. She learns that Calinda also has visions- therefore, they can relate to each other.
How does Cass change as a result of knowing Calinda?