sociology exam

the "iron law" of oligarchy is a term coined by what sociologist to describe the tendency of formal organizations to be dominated by a small, self-perpetuationg elite?
Robert Michel
What sociologist is given credit for coining the concept of the "Mcdonaldization" of society
George Ritzer
which Frenchman toured America in the early 19th century, noting the many voluntary organizations in which Americans held membership and documenting these findings in his book, Democracy in America?
Alexis de Tocqueuille
Differential association theory was developed by what sociologist?
Edwin Southerland
The term degradation ceremony was coined by what sociologist?
Harold Garfinkel
Who emphasized that every society is stratified based on power?
Max Weber
Because of contradicting class locations, who modified Marx's simpler two-class model?
Erik Wright
Who was the sociologist who expanded upon the concept of the power elite to note that no major decision of the United States government was made without its approval?
C. Wright Mills
There were much-publicized myths of the late 1800s that centered around the rags to riches exploits of fictional boy heroes. These myths were perpetuated by what author?
Horatio Alger
Who was the theorist who concluded that highly prejudiced people are actually insecure conformists?
Theodor Adorno