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Exam 5 - Nutrition

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T/F Body Mass Index correlates with body fatness with all people
Weight lifting
Joan wants to improve her muscular strength. Which type of activity would be the MOST effective to achieve this goal?
T/F Amino acids are the primary fuel source utilized in both anaerobic and aerobic exercise
Body fat
Where in the body do we find the greatest storage of potential energy?
Improving fitness by placing extra physical demand on the body
What is meant by the overload principle?
T/F Very low calorie diets are the most successful diet for weight loss with people looking to lose 10 lbs of fat
Frequency, intensity, and time
The acronym FIT stands for:
T/F For an exercise program to be beneficial you should feel some pain
Sprinting in a 100-meter race
Which type of exercise would CP (creatine phosphate) be an important source of energy?
T/F More than 60% of our nation's adult population is overweight or obese
____is a protein hormone produced by the fat cells that signify satiety to reduce food intake
VO2 Max
This is the method to measure cardiovascular fitness is called...
Which body composition assessment technique can be influenced by hydration status?
Decreases the action of insulin
Which is NOT is one of the physiological effects of regular physical activity?
T/F The energy expended due to physical activity accounts for the majority of our total energy output each day
1 to 3 seconds
The amount of ATP stored in a muscle cell will fuel the muscle's activity for:
T/F The minimum fluid replacement recommendation after exercise is 1 cup of fluid for every pound lost during exercise
Enter the mitochondria and make a total of 38 ATP
When oxygen is available and the cell needs energy, glucose will:
At rest (low intensity activity), the body's major fuel source is ______
Within 15 minutes after exercising
The fastest way to replenish glycogen stores is to eat carbohydrate:
Cross-country skiing
Which event would carbohydrate loading be the most beneficial?
T/F The human body can store an unlimited amount of glycogen
The leanness measure that also can measure bone density is:
Sports drink
Which would be the best fluid replacement for events lasting longer than one hour?
T/F Lactic acid is a by-product of high-intensity exercise
Increased blood volume
What explains the cause of sports anemia?
T/F Regular physical activity can indirectly increase basal metabolic rates
The placebo effect
The word/term for improved athletic performance based on the belief that a product is beneficial although the product has been proved to have no physiologic benefits is/are called:
Evaporative cooling
What is the primary mechanism by which the human body dissipates heat?
T/F The best way to stimulate growth of skeletal muscle is to eat a high protein diet
Basal metabolic rate, physical activity, and the thermic effect of food
The three components of total energy expenditure are:
T/F In order to completely burn fat as fuel, you must have some glucose available in the metabolic cycle
Diabetes mellitus and heart disease
An apple-shaped fat pattern increases a person's risk for:
60 to 75
About ______% of our total energy output is attributable to basal metabolism
The thermic effect of food
The amount of energy expended by the body in digesting, absorbing, transporting, metabolizing, and storing nutrients is called:
Increased lung capacity
What are NOT skeletal muscle adaptations to cardiovascular fitness?
The Cori Cycle involves the metabolism of which macronutrient?
By detecting and responding to the body's physiological signals, the _______ is the part of the body in control of hunger regulation
The ratio of an individual's body weight to their height
Body mass index is determined from:
2,125 kcal
Sue would like to lose 1 pound of fat per week. If her present energy intake is 2,400 kcals/day and she is willing to increase her energy expenditure each day by 225 kcals, how many kilocalories should she consume each day to achieve her goal?