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Are the remains of extraterrestrial particles that are found on the Earth's surface


The small particles that produce a streak of light upon entering Earth's surface


Are comets with short orbital periods are located in this region

Kuiper belt

Is the satellite of Uranusthat has the greatest variety of landforms of any satellite yet examined


The moon that has a substantial atmosphere


This planet has one satellite, which was recently discovered


This planet axis of rotation lies nearly parallel with the plane of its orbit


The smallest planet


This moon of Jupiter's has volcanic activity


This planet has the greater mass than the combined mass of all the remaining planets and their moons


Are features on Mars which point to the possibility of liquid water on the planet

Gullies and streamlike channels

This planet does not have rings


Number of satellites mars has


This planet has a cratered surface similar to the Earth's moon


This planet shows evidence of water erosion


Are not considered part of the solar system


Is the most obvious difference between the terrestrial and Jovian planets


Is not a terrestrial planet


This statement supports the giant-impact hypothesis of the moon's formation

The moon lacks a sizable iron core

How old is the moon?

About the same age as Earth

Are round depressions on the moon's surface


You are most likely to experience

Full moon

What must happen for a solar eclipse to happen?

The moon's orbit must cross the plane of the ecliptic

Occurs when the moon casts its shadow on Earth

Solar eclipse

Is the length a day is on the moon

Two weeks

Movement of Earth that is responsible of night and day


This law states that each planet revolves so that an imaginary line connecting it to the sun sweeps over equal areas in equal time intervals

The second law of planetary motion

The first early astronomer to propose a sun-centered solar system


According to the ancients, the stars traveled around Earth on the transparent, hollow __________

celestial sphere

Was best known for his star catalog


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